Mal Etre - demo pack + 2nd full length information


Mai 10 2012, 14h30

Mal Etre - demo pack:

I've uploaded all demos for free download, but these links will be disabled after some time, so take them now !

- Malaise Dominical:

- Culte Morbide:

- In Girum Imus Nocte Et Consumimur Igni:

- Unclean Visions:

- Rituals:

I've also launched the second full length, "Medication", on the bandcamp page (see the link on my profile, on the right). It's only for promotional listenning purpose as I'm planning to release it on cd. The artwork is not the final artwork. I've been a bit astonished to see that this release is already available on sites like "" and "" for free download, without my consent. This is not fairplay, as these tracks have obviously been stolen from the bandcamp page without asking me, I've never given any mp3 of these tracks.

I guess this is something usual on the internet, but it lacks respect in the way of doing it in my opinion. Not a big deal, but I wanted to be clear about it. People seem to "steal" your music without asking nowadays, I just hope next time someone will be educated enough to ask it to me before, it's easy to find me on the internet.

Enough said about that, enjoy these old demos if you like atmospheric and low-fi stuff, don't loose your time if you're looking for something "healthy" and clean !



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