• jrcrichardson

    see what you make of my song cary grant is dying - i'm sure you'll work it out!!

    Ago 19 2008, 19h11
  • BrianSoph

    Needs moar Dream Theater

    Ago 31 2008, 16h57
  • No-Bullet

    DT meters are insane. I'll try to add a few.

    Set 2 2008, 3h15
  • chrisrazor

    While Pink Floyd's "Money" is a well-known song with verses in 7/4, there is an even more well-known one: "All You Need Is Love"!

    Set 23 2008, 21h43
  • Forevian

    Add Cardiacs, UK and Battles! Yay! Come on, Mr. Bungle!

    Set 27 2008, 10h31
  • zenitramleahcim

    i'm pretty sure you have the year diary of a madman by ozzy came out wrong, being that im pretty sure its guitarist, Randy Rhoads, died in 1982

    Fev 4 2009, 12h00
  • zenitramleahcim

    but still, very interesting list

    Fev 4 2009, 12h01
  • No-Bullet

    yeah, you're right, it was released in 1981 =)

    Fev 4 2009, 20h17
  • mattCrimson

    king crimson... yah.

    Fev 7 2009, 0h00
  • kthugha

    Tool and A Perfect Circle both use odd times quite a bit. My fave example is APC does a cover of Depeche Mode's 'People Are People' on eMOTIVe in 7/8.

    Jan 11 2010, 3h26
  • seehors

    Do What You Like, by Blind Faith

    Jul 2 2011, 6h53
  • Snooz

    "St. Augustine in hell " by sting is the song that got me into odd signatures. My brother is a drummer and told me all about Colaiuta. I hated that song on the album, now it's my fav by far.Very nice post.

    Jan 5 2012, 17h11
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