The Music of 2010 - A Year in Review


Dez 27 2010, 4h50

2010 has been a pretty terrible year for music all in all, with some of the most irritating songs gracing the radio throughout the year (I'm looking at YOU Hey Soul Sister). There have been some gems released this year though, and here are my Top 10 of 2010.

10. Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed
-I know I know, how can I include Miley in my top 10!? Well, her album was surprisingly enjoyable and contains some banging tunes. It’s not the most amazing thing you’ll ever hear, but it’s pretty enjoyable in spots. Plus, there is nothing as horrible as Party in the U.S.A., so that has to earn some points right? This album is basically equivalent to fast food, though fast food can be tasty on occasion right?

Best tracks: Liberty Walk, Who Owns my Heart, Can’t be Tamed, Two More Lonely People, Robot
Avoid: Permanent December, Stay, Scars

9. Cheryl Cole - Messy Little Raindrops
-I love and hate Messy Little Raindrops all at the same time. On one hand, this is SUCH an improvement over the first album, which was basically unlistenable minus maybe three tracks (if I’m being generous). There are at least seven tracks on this one that are amazing. On the other hand, which this album is bad, its REALLY bad. Like awful. Completely unlistenable. Raindrops has the honor of being the worst song recorded this year. Think about that: a year in which Hey Soul Sister was released. Unbelievable. The fact that this album can go from amazing (Yeah Yeah, Waiting) to trash (Raindrops) is unacceptable. She can obviously make great tunes so I’m not sure why she includes so much rubbish clouding up her albums.

Best Tracks: Promise This, Yeah Yeah, Amnesia, Happy Tears, Waiting
Avoid: RAINDROPS, DEAR LORD RAINDROPS. Also, Live Tonight, Everyone, Hummingbird, and Better to Lie.

8. Marina & the Diamonds - The Family Jewels
-I love quirky pop singers (Florence + the Machine, Ellie Goulding, Diana Vickers, etc…) so I was excited when I discovered another one in Marina & The Diamonds. She has quite a bizarre and harsh voice so she definitely isn’t for everyone. My main problem with this album is that it’s a bit too dense to listen to all the way through. Everything just starts to blend together and I’ve had enough by the time it gets about eight tracks in. There are some songs on here that are very brilliant on their own though, such as Mowgli’s Road. There are also a few songs I just don’t get, like Hollywood.

Best Tracks: Shampain, I Am Not a Robot, Girls, Mowgli’s Road, Rootless
Avoid: Obsessions, Hollywood, The Outsider

7. Katy Perry - Teenage Dream
-I started out the year kind of hating Katy, but I’ve grown to love her and find her kind of endearing now. She absolutely has a borderline terrible voice, but some of her songs are great. She really hit her stride on this album, offering much less filler than she did on her previous one. Like Ke$ha, I like it when Katy dials back on the ridiculousness and offers something more personal and cute, and she does it a few times on this album (like the wonderful Firework). Although unlike Ke$ha, the ridiculousness is pretty fun with Katy (Peacock!).

Best Tracks: Teenage Dream, Last Friday Night, Firework, Peacock, Circle the Drain
Avoid: E.T., Who Am I Living For

6. The Saturdays - Headlines
-Things started off a bit horrible with this album with the lead single release of Missing You. It’s a pretty horrible song that didn’t even feature my favorite member, and arguabley one of the best singers, of the group—Una! However apart from the one track, this EP, which features previous singles Forever Is Over and Ego, is pretty solid. It still doesn’t live up to their first album, but some of the songs on this album are pop perfection. Apart from Missing You, I’m quite annoyed about the amount of autotune on the album. Take Higher for example—Una has an AMAZING moment in the song where the lets out a great belting note and it’s completely ruined by autotuning to the point where it sounds like a robot. She can hit the notes, as their live performances show, so it bugs me they felt the need to autotune it so much here.

Best Tracks: Ego, Higher, Forever is Over, Died in Your Eyes, Puppet

5. The Pipettes - Earth vs. The Pipettes
-Earth vs. The Pipettes is the first album since Rose and Becky left the group. Most people completely wrote off this album due to the line-up changes and well as the musical shift. The previous album was basically a tour through the 60’s with lots of awesome old school sounding girl group songs. Earth vs. The Pipettes is more like a tour through the 70’s and 80’s with a lot of disco influence. Even though it’s quite different than their previous album, I love it to death. Although the former members were great (Rose especially), Gwenno and Ani do a fine job here. Fans of fun dancey music that doesn’t take itself too seriously would love this one.

Best Tracks: Call Me (starts off with a siren—AMAZING), I Need a Little Time, Stop the Music, Our Love Was Saved by Spacemen, From Today
Avoid: There’s none I really hate!

4. Keri Hilson - No Boys Aloud
-This is the newest album on the list, coming out right at the end of December. For some reason I’ve always been obsessed with Keri Hilson since I first heard her in the The Way I Are. I was obsessed with her previous album, In a Perfect World...[/track], when that first came out and I’m absolutely addicted to No Boys Aloud currently! Keri has really stepped up her game for this album both vocally and visually. She’s never sounded better! The only complaints I have for this album are that the lyrics are pretty dumb at points (the word “anus” is actually used in a song) and there are less cute poppier songs on this disc versus her last one. Now I love hip hop Keri too, but I do miss hearing songs in the vein of Alienated (my favorite Keri moment) and [track artist=Keri Hilson]I Like from her previous album. Any R&B fans should deffo check this one out!

Best Tracks: Pretty Girl Rock, Toy Soldier, Gimme What I Want, All The Boys, Fearless
Avoid: Breaking Point (HORRID)

3. Nabiha - Cracks
-She’s a pretty unknown singer, but I happened upon her when a video of her was posted on a site that I frequent. The video was for the song Deep Sleep, which was a very enjoyable song and video! Cracks proves to be an enjoyable album as well, filled with great singing, excellent song writing, and pop hooks EVERYWHERE. Anyone who wants some fun sparkly pop to listen to should check this one out.

Best Tracks: Deep Sleep, You, My Friend, Computer Love, Midnight Blues
Avoid: Sneaking Out the Backdoor, The Tale Of The Children & The Golden Tree

2. Janelle Monáe - The ArchAndroid
-I first heard of Janelle when I saw her video for Tightrope. She was so strange in intriguing in the video—almost like a modern version of James Brown or something! So I looked her up and heard a few other songs. She’s basically a musical genius and her album The ArchAndroid is awesome. There’s pretty much every genre found on this album, all of which she really does excellently.

Best Tracks: Cold War, Tightrope, Wondaland, 57821, BabopbyeYa
Avoid: Make the Bus. People also seem to hate Come Alive but I rather enjoy it for its insanity!

1. Ellie Goulding - Bright Lights
-Bright Lights is definitely my favorite release this year. Ellie originally released the album Lights early in the year, and then released it as Bright Lights with seven new songs on it. Lights was basically amazing, but the seven new songs make it even MORE amazing! It’s like a strange mix of electro, folk,and indie but it really works.

Best Tracks: Starry Eyes, This Love, Lights, Little Dreams, Animal
Avoid: None, they’re all great. Seriously.

Honorable Mentions:
Diana Vickers - Songs From the Tainted Cherry Tree
Kylie Minogue - Aphrodite
Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday
Rihanna - Loud
Scissor Sisters - Night Work

Diappointed With:
Blackmore's Night - Autumn Skies
Crystal Bowersox - Farmer's Daughter
Duffy - Endlessly
Edenbridge - Solitare
Nadine Coyle - Insatiable

And that’s my feelings on the music released in 2010!


  • CGholy

    I didn't like Nadine Coyle's Insatiable either and Messy Little Raindrops sounds really rushed.

    Jun 24 2011, 23h12
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