• A faster-paced OR

    Jun 30 2011, 19h26

    Fri 24 Jun – Okkervil River, Titus Andronicus, NewVillager

    Titus Andronicus played some of these:

    A More Perfect Union
    The Battle of Hampton Roads
    Four Score and Seven

    Okkervil River played some of these...

    White Shadow Waltz
    Pop Lie
    Black Sheep Boy
    A Girl in Port
    The Valley
    John Allyn Smith Sails
    So Come Back, I am Waiting
    No Key, No Plan
    Your Past Life as a Blast
    For Real
    Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe
    Lost Coastlines
    Unless it's Kicks

    or... something like that. Anyway, it rocked, of course.

  • Best in Show [Okkervil River review]

    Set 24 2008, 17h16

    Tue 23 Sep – Okkervil River, Sea Wolf
    For starters, the Fonda theatre was a great venue. Very intimate and the acoustics were pretty good. I think they're better on the floor than in the seating loft.
    Zykos went on first, and I was very surprised at how good they were. After 3 songs I was into it, and I ended up buying their EP after the show. I loved the appearance by Will Sheff in their final song too; it really made it for their setlist.
    Seawolf came on at 10, I wasn't familiar with any of their music either, but their Cellist and Drummer made their show great. They got the audience woken up.
    But the highlight of the night, of course, was Okkervil River. I was extremely excited before the show, even weeks before. And I was afraid that I would have over-hyped and be let down. Because I had heard that they're wonderful live, and they play great set lists, so I was hoping I wouldn't be let down. And I wasn't!
    They played a great list, with a good mix of a few songs from each of their last 3 albums. They also did a wonderful job at making the songs unique to the recorded versions. It wasn't like we were just listening to the cd. They put so much fucking emotion into the show, it was unreal. It was really hard to grasp being there for a while.
    The crowd was stunned (of course) but when they played their 'final' song, the crowd couldn't let them go. Twice. We coaxed them into playing two encores. And You could see that Sheff couldn't stop smiling during the second encore. I think he appreciated that we wanted them back.
    I think most of the crowd would have stayed all night if thats how long they played. The crowd was not rowdy, but they had great energy. Being on the floor right in front of the stage added so much to the show. Thanks to the other fans for making it enjoyable too.
    I was sad to see that Jonothan Meiburg wasn't with them, he's gone on to focus on Shearwater solely. He will be missed in the band. But his replacement(s) did an amazing job. Particularly with the vocals in Lost Coastlines.
    All in all I must say that this was easily the best show I've ever seen. And I will be seeing them again. Hopefully they don't get too popular... Seeing them for $16 is too good to be true :P
    I also got some pictures...