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Here I'll list albums released in 2004, with a short rating. Rating consists of five numbers and a marker.


a. General rating between 0 and 100 based on rating and track length
b. General rating based on tracks exclusively
c. Consistency between 0 and 100 (how evenly tracks rate )
d. Uncertainty (if some tracks are unrated when rating was calculated)
e. Percent of tracks rated
f. A marker that signifies if the scoring differ significantly from my collection in general

= Album
= EP
= Single

83|82|092|01 All About the Money
70|69|082|00 Funeral
70|68|080|00 New England
64|62|084|00 ...It Falls Apart
49|48|088|01 Bliss Descending

75|75|090|05|017|0 Vultures Await
75|75|080|06|025|0 Real Gone
74|73|086|02|064|0 The Orchestra, Sadly, Has Refused
71|68|076|02|067|0 Abattoir Blues
69|70|084|02|042|0 La Maison de Mon Reve
69|68|064|04|062|0 The Lyre Of Orpheus
62|60|086|04|043|0 Early Morning Hymns
49|50|074|05|025|0 Chasing Wild Trains


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