Nocturnal Evil on a Wednesday Night


Dez 5 2008, 11h13

Wed 3 Dec – The Darkest Tour: Filth Fest

Sometimes it's a pity tours need to happen on weekdays as well. With 5 bands on the bill, kickoff at this Wednesday evening was at 17:45. That fact alone quickly eliminated Asrai and Septic Flesh from the list for us and thus Moonspell's originally planned 19:20 start became the target for arrival. Thanks to one accident messing up no less than four roads, we took over 2 hours to get to Tilburg and arrived halfway through Moonspell's set!

When we finally set foot in the hall they were just playing Scorpion Flower together with Anneke van Giersbergen. The song's one of the highlights of the new Night Eternal album and from what I heard it works good live as well, although I'm not sure how it will work out in the shows where they don't have Anneke around to do her vocals. What followed after that was a pretty safe but good greatest hits setlist : Opium, Vampiria, Alma Mater and Full Moon Madness. I have to say that with Vampiria they have a pretty difficult track as in my opinion it's not really suitable as a live track, but it's so popular that they can't really get away with not playing it. Especially the intro to me was ruined by the vocal performance. The original pretty much spoken word adds to the atmosphere and mystique of the song and the shouting/grunting now messed that up. All in all it certainly was entertaining even when it was a little less theatrical as usual, mainly due to the limited space on stage.

After that it was time for the most evil band in the world, Gorgoroth. No less than 4 crosses were put up on stage with a 5th already there, making it one of the more entertaining breaks between bands in recent history. When the lights went out, the four crosses were populated by 2 men and 2 women all with bags over their heads and otherwise naked. And that was about the most action that happened. When the band started, it quickly became apparent that all energy had gone into setting up the stage and not into setting up the equipment and sound. During the first song there were no guitars at all and throughout the set roadies were running back and forth and bandmembers disappeared to the side of the stage to get one thing or the other fixed with an alarming regularity.

As for the evil aspect, I have to say that it really wasn't there. High speeds, yes. Corpsepaint, yes. Evil stage presence, not really. Gaahl was pretty silent and mostly just looked ahead or made devilhorns down to the audience. Technically it was all well played when the instruments worked, but it never sounded as if it was coming from the mouth of hell.

Last band of the night was of course Cradle of Filth. With a relatively simple stage it was mainly the band and the videoscreen doing the work and they did it well. The setlist didn't have all that much emphasis on the new album, but highlighted pretty much the entire back catalogue of the band's long history. From the ancient Nocturnal Supremacy and The Principle of Evil Made Flesh to brand new tracks like Shat Out of Hell and Honey and Sulphur the pace remained high throughout the show. The only album not in the setlist was Damnation and a Day. From the previous album Thornography they played under a huntress moon while Dusk and Her Embrace was represented with the crowd favourite title track.

What I thought was a bit of a surprising choice was Twisted Nails Of Faith from the Cruelty and the Beast album. After a short break (with drummer Martin Skaroupka simply lying down on the stage behind his drumkit) the band returned for the final blow in the shape of Cthulhu Dawn before the show came to a pretty sudden and premature end. While the unconfirmed schedule on the venue's website showed Cradle of Filth to play 90 minutes, scheduled posted throughout the venue on the night itself made it only 65 minutes, which was really a shame considering how well the band were playing.

If there's any criticism about the show other than the duration it must be the absence of Sarah Jezebel Deva and maybe the fact that the relatively new drummer seems to make a few mistakes especially in the older songs. In the end it was a very enjoyable show, though, so hopefully they'll come back soon with a longer and true headline show (based on duration it was really a triple headline show with 2 bonus tracks for Cradle this time).


  • APrisionerOfTod

    Daar benik ook geweesT!!!! het was egt geweldig!! vooal die metershoge pop was gaaf!!

    Dez 6 2008, 16h23
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