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Nov 5 2008, 13h16

Mon 3 Nov – Extreme, Voodoo Six

This Monday it was time to take a journey back in time as the revitalised Extreme were playing their only Dutch show in 013. The first remarkable thing was the crowd. Compared to other shows I visit there were hardly any band shirts and hardly any people that looked much under 30. I'd never seen the band before, but seeing as they played venues like Ahoy back in 1992, this new beginning in front of a not more than reasonably filled 013 with a closed balcony must have given them quite a different feeling than they were used to.

However, before Extreme played it was time for support act Voodoo Six to warmup the crowd. There's not a lot to say about these guys other than that it was pretty boring. Their singer is by far the most dominant person on stage and he's not that good. Especially during their ballad it was quite painful. There also appeared to be something wrong with the sound as one of the guitarplayers made all the show off moves of playing a guitar solo, but there was none to be heard.

When the intro tape started with Rise And Shine, the crowd was full of anticipation. New song Comfortably Dumb was the opener after which all the old classics made their appearance. Unsurprisingly the album that got most attention besides the new Saudades De Rock (announced by Gary as "Sausages of Rock") was Pornografitti with Decadence Dance, It's A Monster, Get The Funk Out and the two big singles More Than Words and Hole Hearted. During the whole show the atmosphere was great. The audience really enjoyed hearing all those classics again and the band were having a ton of fun on stage and had a lot of interaction with the audience between songs. At one point Nuno addressed one guy in the audience and said "After the show we'll all have a party at his place. What's the address?.... oh, you've forgotten where you live!"

Gary meanwhile was jumping around and climbing on structures as if he was still 17 years old. Quite amazing how agile he is and even more that his singing doesn't suffer at all. Initially it was a bit weird to see him with really short blonde hair rather than the dark curls of 14 years ago, but it was definitely him. During the second half of the gig the black bandana made the face a lot more familiar!

Overall the setlist was well balanced with Star and Take Us Alive the highlights from the new album. Especially the latter really is a great live song with Gary riding a stack of amplifiers as if he was on the back of a bull. The III Sides To Every Story was represented with 3 tracks, Rest in Peace, Cupid's Dead and the encore Am I Ever Gonna Change? Even the debut album was well represented with a medley of Little Girls, Teacher's Pet and Kid Ego followed by one of my personal favourites Play With Me (which, it has to be said, was a bit sloppier than the original studio version).

The band apologised that it had been 13 or 14 years since they last visited and Nuno promised it wouldn't take quite this long again, "Maybe 11 or 12 years next time". Before they started the song 2 barstools were put on the stage with spotlights on Gary and Nuno, who asked "OK, you know what's next, don't you?" before starting to play Stairway to Heaven. After a few bars he stopped, asking Gary "That's not one of ours, is it?" after which it was time for More Than Words. No matter how long it had been, the crowd hadn't forgotten the songs and especially More Than Words was sung along start to finish with Gary not even singing the first part. It's not my favourite Extreme song by a long shot, but this was impressive.

What was also impressive was Nuno's two solo efforts : Midnight Express and Flight Of The Wounded Bumblebee (with another comic introduction with the sound of a buzzing bumblebee which Nuno was chasing across the stage). Boy that guy can play!

The end of the concert arrived as the whole band came to the front of the stage to do Hole Hearted, accompanied by the mobile kickdrum and the clapping crowd, which ended the show in a great atmosphere of unity.


  • riddhikalsi

    Whoa... Seemed to be a good show ! I wish i was there :| Extreme has NEVER come to India neither has any of nuno bettencourt's bands... :|

    Fev 7 2009, 13h47
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