• is breakcore really dead?

    Jul 17 2009, 15h10

    i've watched "notes on breakcore" again, it's something i do every second month or so, and i started thinking about the last quarter or so of it. you know, where people like mike paradinas (µ-ziq) and others say that breakcore is eventually over, or at least changing into something different.

    you know there were some artists arguing that because of the rising attention, "breakcore" has become a term for a genre that did not exist until other's liked the music that came out of the scene and tried to imitate it instead of being experimental and doing something new that benefits the scene or "genre" by adding new influences and ideas. instead, tons of bedroom producers releasing shit on small netlabels getting recognized by maybe 10 people per released record try not to do just music, maybe mimicking some of their favourite breakcore-artists but instead try to do "breakcore" as if there were something as archetypical breakcore. and by doing that, they actually created that archetypical breakcore. you know, even i myself have tried to subcategorize breakcore. but fuck, i mean why do we categorize something that is beautiful because of it's chaotic randomness? isn't that ruining the fun?

    i also noticed that the deeper i got into breakcore, the more boring it became. i've spent this whole afternoon clicking through, desperately searching for a new fix, like i'm a junkie looking for something that's even harder.

    but then, i had an idea. i mean, how many rock bands are there on thousands, maybe houndreds of thousands. that's a lot, surely. how many rock bands are there which are NOT on i'd say at least ten times as many. fuck, that's a lot isn't it? did that make rock music boring? well, most of it but once or twice a year i find a simple plain indie-rock (oh how i hate that term) record that blows me away and that i fucking like. so did the number of bands doing rock prevent a small number of bands from being totally awesome? nope, it's just harder to find them between the rest. and, let's face the truth: i don't know even 100 breakcore-artists who reached the point of actually having a physical release or liveshows.

    in conclusio: if you're one of the guys making your own stuff (just like me ^_^), do something original or no one will notice you. remember the "loli ripe"-hype, and how many others have tried to ride in his wake since then? believe me, releasing the 1000th generic lolicore-ep (BUT MINE IS NOISIER!!111) won't get you any fans except some die-hard freaks like i am.

    am i right or am i talking shit?

    Xanopticon Sickboy Droon Bong-Ra Shitmat Xäcksecks Belladonnakillz Enduser Venetian Snares Hrvatski DJ Donna Summer Ladyscraper Doormouse Rotator Toecutter Hecate Istari Lasterfahrer Dev/Null Knifehandchop Assdroids Captain Ahab Sabrepulse Bizzy B & Equinox Duran Duran Duran FFF Ital Tek Otto von Schirach slepcy Next Life Vorpal
  • "Lowrider" - Free EP

    Mar 19 2009, 18h36

    Total bass-mad gangsta noise. Pop this in your trunk and make your speakers bleed. Features a dirty, jiggied up remix of "Oh so Low"

    Luke Chaos from Chaos Royale strikes once again...
    ...this time in a lowrider, one hand on the steering wheel, the other one on his balls. What we get is three new tracks and an excellent remix of the previously released Oh so Low (which was already one of my favourites).

    After listening to this for the first time all i can say is "wow"! I can hardly manage writing this, since all i want to do is burning this to a cd, get into the next best car and start bouncing. The title of the EP is well chosen, even though this is gonna work equally well on a dancefloor. Extremely danceable, extremely badass and fucking LOUD!

    The First track Bring It explains perfectly what this is all about:
    Bass! Noise! Bass! Noise!
    After this banging introduction we switch over to Lowrider,
    a brooding monstrosity. It Bounces, it's dark and mean, it wants your soul.
    But what's even better: You can't deny the Gangsa influences, be it the piano that evokes memories of oldschool hiphop beats or the beeping sound that makes this sound like a mixture of GTA: San Andreas and Silent Hill.
    The next song is the remix of the masterpiece Oh so Low from the Album Chaos All-Stars. You're not going to notice the differences until you are already blown away by this. As similar the versions might sound on first glance, they could not be more different. It's got motion, it's got vibe, it's faster than ever before. Brilliant!
    So now we come to the last track: 187 is basically Snoop Doggy Dog noised up, distorted and reflected through a mirror darkly. But man, those words would not catch what this song really is, and i must say it's gonna be the most accessible work of Chaos Royale, but at the same time capture the essence of his music the most.

    Fast Cars, Guns, Drugs and Police sirens in the distance,
    all of this at night in an old industrial district.

    What more do we need? So now, let's just repeat the whole thing and keep rolling!

    1 - Bring It
    2 - Low (Crunk Remix)
    3 - 187
    4 - Lowrider

    Or listen free at

    Remixed and remotely related Artists:
    Public Enemy Beyonce Snoop Dogg Dr. Dre The Bug Scorn Vex'd Merzbow Cardopusher Techno Animal Food For Animals Alec Empire vs Techno Animal Girl Talk Bong-Ra Enduser El-P Broken Note Ebola DJ Donna Summer
  • 4 awesome free artists you never heard of

    Jan 31 2009, 18h29

    For archiving purposes only. This was my super sidebar of awesome VIP quality. So i removed all the artist links, since journalwhoring is not only annoying but would also expose this holy list to unworthy people!!!11

    Chaos Royale

    A demented blend of The Bug, Merzbow and Girl Talk, this shit sounds like a club on fire! Harsh distorted beats meet RnB and Dancehall Samples refined with screeching noise and fat basslines.

    All tracks can be downloaded for free at the label's page:

    try out: "Haters" from "Chaos All-Stars v1.2"

    Control Alt Deus

    This is the most progressive stuff in EBM/Harsh Electro i ever heard. Expect trancey yet still fucking brutal tracks, excellent but not distorted vocals (screaming sounds better anyway) and even some Drum n Bass Influences.

    They're disbanded for lack of motivation by the Programmer, but you get all their stuff for free. Check out Xan-Thalion's Profile for info.

    (Without him i'd have never heard about them, so thank you Xan :D)

    try out: You are Dead

    Underground Breakcore (as if breakcore werent underground enough) from the internet. Roughly fitting the lolicore direction, he's doing his job better than some label-signed "regular" breakcore acts! If you can stand Drumcorps and Cardopusher, give this a try. It's demented GrindcoreRaggaCartoon Netcore. (being familliar with obscure imageboards is not necessary, yet reccomended)

    ( ˃ ヮ˂)

    You can download all his stuff from his myspace. "Cartoon Netcore" is my favourite, try out the songs "CRUNK DISCO COMMANDER" "どこでもBOOTYがある!" and "I SELL MY ORGANS TO BUY VIDEO GAMES" to get a feeling for his different approaches to breakcore.


    Nothing is known about this dude, except that he's the student of an ancient dragon, wielding a 14-string guitar and a computer (he invented the computer, dude) as his tools of the trade. He's doing the most impressing guitar-electronica out there, and there simply is no similar music. Ranges from pretty downtempo and chilled out to hyperactive-squarepusher like sound, just without the drill n bass fury and a LOT more guitars. In my opinion even better than squarepusher. Download all his stuff for free at his artist page.

    you can also download here
    website (under construction. but hey, mspaint-pix!)

    try out: Amoral Mayor Earwig
  • New Free EP by Chaos Royale frontman Luke Chaos!

    Jan 12 2009, 20h07

    to all of you who know Chaos Royale this is awesome news, and if you never heard of him this is a chance to get familliar with one of the sickest and best musicians i know.

    at first a little information about chaos royale in general:

    Chaos Royale is the performance unit of British-born Tokyo-based sound creator Luke Chaos. The sound is a synthesis of hip-hop, avant-garde classical, reggae, death metal and noise. Live shows combine acrobatic dance performances with realtime heavy beats, remixes of and R’n’B and a ton of .
    The result is extremely danceable, extremely hard, extremely harsh and extremely addicting music somewhere between and . if you happen to live in japan, another reason to see him live are his 2 acrobatic dancers ;)

    as of now, he released 2 ep's and a couple of single tracks, (almost) all for free download at his label's page .
    Let's hope someday he uploads all the tracks here at ;)

    Chaos All-Stars v1.2

    Harder than god and heavier than satan
    Starting with a harsh and noisy remix of Beyoncé's Crazy in Love this album gets you going from the beginning. At first you'll notice the cut-up vocals and distorted percussion, but when the chorus begins the noisy scratchy sounds start. Interestingly, the static "kkkrrrzzzz" is not antagonistic to the music, not even unpleasant to the listener but simply fits the mood. Still, this is the "softest" track on the ep, if "soft" can be used at all. "Dragstalina", a remix of Daddy Yankee's Gasolina is much more direct, screeching from the beginning, building up fast and hitting you in the face with a -rhythm that gets you moving. The next song "Oh so low" starts slowly and heavy with deep basslines, getting faster and faster until the chorus comes back, blasting you away with one wave of sub-bass after the other. It's a small break for the crowd, since directly after it my favourite kicks in: Haters. This song is brutal. It completely screws your head, the sample (familliar if you know Venetian Snares, it's Elephant Man's Haters) is awesome, the beat is banging loud, the tension builds and builds. For the first 30 seconds you think "wow, hard stuff" but then it really begins. I tell you, there's no way around this mutant dancehall track. The finishing track, a remix of 1 Thing by Amerie takes the rest of your energy, with catchy lyrics and a perfect mix of fucking up her voice and the driving rhythm of the beat.

    After listening to this album you simply collapse. Fuck dancing, i want to have a seizure!

    Night Aquarium

    The new EP, "Night Aquarium" is more abstract, noisier and has a hint of dark ambient atmosphere. This is not the noisy reflection of a club on fire, this is more what the burnt-out building looks like, after it was abandoned for a few decades. Maybe it's haunted by ghosts, or it's just you unconsciously wanting to avoid this place, but you don't feel comfortable. Just like when you listen to these tracks. They are noisy, and i mean Merzbow-noisy, yet still rhythmical. They're danceable in theory, if you find enough sick fucks wanting to dance to it to fill a club (if you plan to do so, send me a pm :D ). The first track "alice underwater" is long. It's hostile. It's dark. You hear static noise, fucked up percussion and lots of effects. The second track "fuckdiver" is more dark ambient, until the droning noise begins. The sounds remind me of Ant-Zen acts like synapscape, but this more Harsh Noise than anything rhythmically.

    If you're into Merzbow, Masonna and the like, check this out. You won't be disappointed. Also try out Noise/Girl, also on the label's page, which is a blending of harsh noise and disco, but much more noise than anything else.

    Now, in the old tradition of jounal-whoring (to my defense: this is the first time i'm doing it):
    Cardopusher, Bong-Ra, Shitmat, Girl Talk, Coreline, Cholostase, Broken Note, Converter, Hypnoskull, Loli Ripe, Food For Animals, DJ Donna Summer, Glowstyx, The Bug, Scorn, Vex'd, Datach'i, Toecutter, Hecate

    Most of these Artists don't really sound similar, but i guess they fit the rough direction of this.
  • Awesome powernoise-artists listen to breakcore. All of them :D

    Dez 30 2008, 0h34

    Cholostase loves Venetian Snares and Enduser, his friend Coreline does breakcore-influenced tracks.

    KiEw's top artist is Enduser (maybe because enduser is so awesome)

    S.K.E.T.'s top artist is The Flashbulb

    there must be a connection between breakcore-listening and good powernoise-artists :D
  • What the fuck is Industrial?

    Set 16 2008, 15h09

    I'm having a huge problem: more than 50% of the music i listen to is tagged ""
    What's the problem about that? The Problem is not only that it ruins my OMI and tag-clouds, which would be okay, but more that i dont get why artists that differ more than Dimmu Borgir and Panic! at the Disco are both tagged as "" Honestly, i dont really get this tag. There are other tags that suck ass, like "alternative rock" (but there we have at least the similarity that it's all rock music) or "seen live" (and there we can directly see that it's not a genre of music) but none of those pisses me off so royally as Industrial does it.

    Possible explanation for that phenomenon:

    Maybe all those kinds of music (like , , "", , and some artists that have nothing to do with these kinds of music but are still "" somehow) are part of the same "scene"? That's not really true. Industrial Metal is mostly listened by metalheads, EBM is mostly listened by people with a certain gothic mindset/appearance, Noise is mostly listened by.... well, people. And Industrial Rock (like the mainstreamy Nine Inch Nails for example) could be listened by almost anyone. Yes, most parts of Industrial music fit under the dark/gothic-scene but not all of it. And even if industrial would be only listened to by goths (which is in no way close to reality) we could just tag it gothic instead.

    Maybe a certain mindset connects all those artists?

    Yes, this one could be better. Skinny Puppy are pretty nihilistic, Nine Inch Nails deals with Political and Personal topics that are not so colorful and happy, most -acts have a pretty pessimistic view of the world. And to some Noise-artists that mindset applies, too (even if you have no lyrics). But what about all that new stuff in the EBM-scene? and the like, for example or , or . That's simple party music with movie samples added. Still good music, but no mindset at all except "we wear black and are gonna party"

    okay, i'm having a huge monologue here and i don't seem to get a solution for my problem. so, if you have comments, would like to discuss or argue, the shoutbox is opened and ready for epic wordfights. Also remember that this is all just my opinion, and i have not yet reserved rights for the truth (tm) ...

    Should Celldweller be tagged the same as Rob Zombie?
    What do Hocico and Fear Factory have in common?
    And what about the stunnig similarity between Unter Null and Mindless Self Indulgence