I met Dream Theater!


Out 5 2007, 16h44

Sat 29 Sep – Dream Theater

Before the show DTNorway (the official Norwegian Dream Theater fanclub) had a pre-party in Oslo Spectrum. Nice to meet the people you "talk" to every day on the forum! The fanclub had been given 21 backstage-passes for a meet-and-greet with the band, and I was one of the lucky ones that won!

When Symphony X started to play, we were led down backstage (downstage??), and after a few minutes the band arrived. We then took photos with the band, before a small signing-session took place.

Backstage with Dream Theater. Me in front of Mike Portnoy:

I got my "Chaos in Motion" tour-book signed by the whole band, and got the chance to say hi and shake hands with all the members of the band. Extremely cool!

Tour-book signed by the band:

After the meet-and-greet it was back to the show, and I got to see the last two songs of Symphony X.

Then it was time for Dream Theater. Nothing much to say really... It is Dream Theater, and it was great as always! Very nice light-show this time, but other than that it was much like the other shows I've seen (except the new songs of course).

This was my fifth DT-show, and I will be back next time they visit Norway as well!

Setlist Symphony X:
(Oculus Ex Inferni)
Set The World On Fire
Serpent's Kiss
Paradise Lost
Inferno (unleash The Fire)
Sea Of Lies
Of Sins And Shadows

Setlist Dream Theater:
(Intro Video / 2007: An Ant Odyssey)
In The Presence of Enemies
Strange Deja Vu
Blind Faith
Surrounded '07
Constant Motion
The Dark Eternal Night
Keyboard Solo /
Lines in the Sand
I Walk Beside You
Take the Time

The Ministry Of Lost Souls
I. Trial of Tears
II. Finally Free
III. Learning to Live
IV. In The Name Of God
V. Octavarium


  • RazorDan

    I also have to point out that Symphony X did an awsome show before DT started to play. Really got the crowd going. Good job Symphony X.

    Out 5 2007, 17h16
  • magnys

    Too bad you had to miss out on most of Symphony X to meet DT, they truly played an awe-inspiring set! I wish they had time to play some more songs, though, like Smoke and Mirrors and even The Odyssey(*drool*) Russel Allen's voice made the hairs on my hand stand up.

    Out 6 2007, 11h01
  • joikabilly

    awesome øyvind! :D (sorry i havent read this until now, btw!)

    Jan 28 2008, 14h36
  • Nesland

    @DonniSharK: If you read closer you will notice that the last five songs were in a medley. They didn't play the whole five songs, but merged them together and played some bits of all of them. Can't remember exactly but I think the medley lasted about 10-15 minutes.

    Jan 31 2008, 18h08
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