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Jan 24 2007, 19h50

I saw this once on a guy's journal, and now I have one of my own, I just felt like doing this: Put your iPod (or any other mp3 actually...) on Shuffle and comment the first X number of songs. Here we go:

1. Nobody Wins - The Veronicas

I don't know why this is on my iPod, but there was one song I like by The Veronicas, I think it was called "Forever", a quite rocky song. I guess I looked for some songs. This song in particular is not really my kind of music, but I think I could see myself listen to this when I'm tired or reading or just chilling... Ok, that was quite a strange first song for me. Up to number 2!

2. Gimme Danger - Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop was one of the bands I put on the iPod without really knowing them. Off course, there are a lot of songs I just know from the radio, but I don't know anything about the band itself. This song in particular lets me think of The Rolling Stones actually. It has some nice guitar work in it. Yes, this songs is more my kind of juice...

3. Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles

Hmm, The Beatles. I really like their music, but I catch myself listening to it not so often. It is a band where I listen to for a very intensive moment and then I kinda get sick of them for a certain period. Afterwards I can listen again... The fact that it's just this song that comes up is really great. I remember this music lesson when I was 15 or so. We learned about the Album (Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band) and about the picture on the front of the album in particular. Some people believed that a beatle had died (I think it was Paul McCartney). There should be several indications in the picture for that (A coffin, Paul stands backwards,...). Great song anyway.

4. Bicycle Race - Queen

Another of those classics on my iPod. I really like Queen. They must be one of the best bands from earlier times... That Freddy Mercury must have been a talented man. I still remember my mum telling me how he died by AIDS, while he was working on his last album (Something with 'heaven' in it I think). He recorded a song and had to recover afterwards, to start the next song. It must have been awfull for him, but it was a great album. I also like the way Brian May plays the guitar. I own an solo-album by him, great stuff on there too. I like his guitar too, it was custom made for him, can't remember what type or brand unfortunately...
The song itself is very good too, although there are actually no song i don't like by Queen. This one is personal quite interresting, as I ride a race bike and a mountainbike (both Cannondale's) as a sport... Nice one.

5. Cowgirl in the Sand - Neil Young

Neil Young! This seems like coïncidence too, because just before I started writing this journal, I was playing "Keep on rockin'" on my guitar... It's not so long ago I started listening to Neil Young. It's because of my brothers I listened to the cd in my dad's drawer. I liked it so much that I bought the "Greatest Hits" the next day. I like the way his music is put together. Especially the way he uses guitars is great. His voice is also something noone will ever copy I think. The song itself is not really my favourite, that would be "After The Goldrush" or "The River", but it certainly is a good song. It has a real long guitar solo in it, as Neil Young tends to do...

6. When You're Ready - O.S.I.

O.S.I. was a band that another LFM user (abo_2AM)told me to listen to. Thanks to him, I got to know the music of Neil Morse, and when I asked him for more good music, he suggested O.S.I. I must admit that I haven't listened to it that much yet. I remember that I liked their sound, that's for sure, but why I don't listen to it more often... no idea. This song in particular is quite slow and downtempo. Normally they have more fire or "schwung" in it. I definatly like that more than this song. If this would play when i'm on the bus or something, I think I would skip this song, honestly.

7. Beautiful Day Without You - Röyksopp

Electro is one of my favourite music genres. Röyksopp was one of the first bands I listened to in this genre. I'm not sure if this is really the kind of electro I like. It's quite slow and... err... thin. I like it more with a fat sound to it, like Depeche Mode for instance. The song itself is one of the first songs I had from this band I think. There's really nothing much I can say about it. Sometimes I can listen to it, but other times I think I would skip this. Depends on my mood I think...

8. Vicarious - Tool

Whoah! Great song! Tool. A strange band for me. I like some songs by them, but other songs are totally shite to my ears. I don't know what is wrong with them, but for every good song they make (in my opinion), they have to add 4 bad ones. Maybe it's just me... but hey, "Des gouts et des couleurs, on ne dispute pas". Vicarious is one of those good songs, luckily... I think the song is very well "constructed". The basses are very good, the drums are massive... and it all fits together very nicely. Another good song on this album (10.000 Days) is "The Pot". Nice song.

9. The Pioneers - Bloc Party

This is another band I learned to appreciate through my brothers, my younger brother in particular. He made me listen to them, and I liked the songs I heard. I have this album (Silent Alarm) only, and I don't listen too often to it. I think if I would have more albums of this band that I would listen them them more often. Maybe this album is not the best they made, I don't know actually. The song 'The Pioneers' is not special as such in my opinion. I actually couldn't remember hearing the song before...I guess that's not a good sign. After the song has finnished, I'm not left with a special feeling, which pretty much means that this song is not so special to me. Sorry... and the last one is?

10. Internal Exile - Fish

YES! YES! YES! "This is a song from Scotland we give to you, for together we will always be Interal Exiles!". This is how Fish introduces this song to the public on the live album "Sushi". Fish is one of my favourite bands, you might have noticed at my charts... LOL. How did I get to know this band? Really strage. LFM has it's own IRC channel to it, and one the most active people there is David (Davie_UCF). He is like one of the biggest music lovers there is on the planet. He made everyone inside "#chat" listen to Fish, including me. Before I knew, I was hooked to it. I have several albums by Fish, and I also have albums by Marillion, the band which came before Fish. The song "Internal Exile" is not really one of my favourits, although I like it. It is a very Fish-kinda song. This version is the live version, and it's really great to listen to because of the atmosphere on the album. It really feels like those people saw the gig of their life. After the song is finnished, the crowd goes on cheering and clapping for like 4 minutes or so, after which you can hear the singer Dick introducing the band. (Guitar: Robin Bolts, Drum: Kevin Walkinson, Bass: David Peter, Keyboards: Foss Patterson, Guitar: Frank Usher (I'm not sure if this is all spelled right)).

That's it for my (first) iPod shuffle. I'm pretty sure i'll do this again, it was actually quite amusing doing this! Thanks for reading, feel free to comment.

Belgian Greetings,



  • kakalto

    Another good song on this album (10.000 Days) is The Pod You mean The Pot ? Yeah, great song =)

    Jan 25 2007, 4h48
  • Davie_UCF

    Awesome Jeroen! Fish! :)

    Fev 12 2007, 20h40
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