Justice - 22.02.12 - Berlin - Columbiahalle


Fev 28 2012, 15h38

Mi., 22. Feb. – Justice, DVNO


This was my third time on a Justice concert and it was fu**ing awesome.
*because we are, your friends, you never be alone again*
After entered the hall you saw their typical equipment right on the stage and it gave me the creeps.
The turntables of DVNO looked kinda small compare to the wall of marschall-amplifier of Justice and the ominous light equipment.
Right after it was crowded DVNO and another supporter joined the stage and played some simple tunes to get the ball rolling.
DVNO played some great tunes but nothing to special - the crowd didnt seem to be excited because everyone was waiting for Justice.
After 30min DVNO has finished and some roadies joined the stage.
After the lights faded everyone seemed to be real nervous because of the waiting time and the amazing upcoming show.

Right after the first Justice tunes get started, their turntable flashed in every possible colors and Gaspards and Xaviers heads showed up.
Few seconds later they lightened up their cross † and the crowd gone wild !
It's hard to tell what songs they performed because everything sounded out of control and weird in a nice way.
The most songs seemed to be from their album † but harder, better, faster, stronger with more light effects you can handle.
Because I ve been to their concerts before I thought I would know what's going on but this time was different, the crowd were as crazy as their music.
Everyone seemed to be in a daydream for the 90 minutes of the concert.
The amplifiers were lightened perfect with the chained lights in the background - every light effect was in perfect syntonic with their sounds and it was no simple flash light here or there it was so smooth and sweet just awesome !

To bad Justice had no real interaction with the crowd, I would really like if they would speak to us but they still made their show worth it with more special effects, more crazy tunes, more variety and more, more, more.
Maybe I just missed it, atleast they cheered for us couple of times : )
But it seemed like they enjoyed the crazy crowd as well, as usual Xavier had like 3 box of cigarettes during the show and Gaspard never raised his head because he was not playing the tunes he was living them.
Some songs have to be mention because they were performed real special,
Stress - because of the awesome effects there
Dance - because Gepard took place at a keyboard which showed up infront of us after their turntables split ! just awesome !
On'n'On - because Xavier took place at the keyboard in front

I hope I dind't missed anything to important.
Next time buy a ticket for you and your friends : )

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