• Murderdolls.

    Jan 20 2011, 10h20

    Hello everybody who is reading this Journal.
    This journal will tell you my experience of the concert tonight.
    It was simply the most amazing band I've seen live yet, they're having so much fun and they do everything just to entertain the crowd.
    Besides just having alot of fun & being a great entertainment, they were also an amazing live band to see. Wednesday 13 was singing the lyrics almost like the album.

    And to make the experience even better I've touched just Wednesday 13 like 15x!!
    And like that wasn't great enough yet I even touched Joey Jordison (Slipknot Drummer) while playing guitar 2x his hands and also his arm. Was the best experience in my life to have seen these 2 on stage.

    They've done alot of songs from both the old & new album and to make it even more honorable then possible.
    Wednesday tributed a song to Paul Gray - R.I.P. the Bassist of Slipknot who passed away.
    Since it was Paul's favorite song of Murderdolls and everybody gave the max to honor Paul with that song.

    I hope you liked my Journal shortly about the concert.