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  • q_uiz

    You are welcome.

    20 Jul 9h38 Responder
  • q_uiz

    How much money did you win then after Germany winning it all?

    19 Jul 23h10 Responder
  • ninjaaqua

    None of them are Eskibeat, only really Wiley did anything with that, anyone else who tried to make it other than Danny Weed (who was essentially Wiley 2.0 as a producer) didn't do anything decent with it. Once Rapid/Footsie/Plasticman/Macabre Unit/Terror Danjah/Skepta started producing more stuff was when Grime properly took off and wasn't just seen as Eskibeat/Sublow stuff. If you want a quick sample someone uploaded the whole of that Slimzee mix on youtube:, the only one from what I recommended was that DJ Vader & Crazy Titch mix: (obviously there's a lot of vocals).

    16 Jul 23h12 Responder
  • ninjaaqua

    And I doubt you'll like it but Crazy Titch - Crazy's Murking Everybody Knows is an unoffical mixtape which had DJ Vader mixing some big boy riddims on it and Crazy Titch MCing over it, really good release.

    16 Jul 22h30 Responder
  • ninjaaqua

    From Rinse listen to Spyro - Rinse 07, it's the closest to the Elijah & Skilliam mixes. Other Grime mixes I'd suggest would be Skepta - Rinse 04 and DJ Slimzee - Bingo Beats Volume 3 (more instrumental, more old school). Plasticman - Forward Live - Vol 02 is good but strays into Dubstep territory sometimes, both mix CDs on No Hats No Hoods are good but are full vocal mixes and the free Dumpvalve Recordings 4 Motion and N.A.S.T.Y. Mix are also good, more old school stuff though but slightly more instrumental.

    16 Jul 22h26 Responder
  • q_uiz

    lol I just realized that's the name of that Inigo Kennedy album. Never mind. The answer is I don't know.

    13 Jul 10h12 Responder
  • q_uiz

    Vaudeville? As in Doom?

    12 Jul 22h53 Responder
  • q_uiz

    It's possible but I would never bet on it. When did that happen?

    5 Jul 18h41 Responder
  • ninjaaqua

    All I've got m8: It's 160kbps. I haven't looked myself but Mixmag Live! Vol. 18 - Hardcore Happiness is the same mix so you might have some luck searching for that.

    21 Jun 23h53 Responder
  • ninjaaqua

    Yeah I've got that, it's so damn good. Was actually going to re-listen to it tonight but then got the sudden urge to hear the Tekken 3 OST again so maybe later.

    19 Jun 21h18 Responder
  • ninjaaqua

    The link I found was only 160kbps (split tracks though so that was nice), it was reallly good. Hardcore Techno is definitely something I would like to get into because the small amount of what I have heard is really good. But I think it may have turned into Breakbeat Hardcore too quickly for there to be loads of it. I've liked Joey Beltram since he was named dropped in Daft Punk - Teachers though.

    19 Jun 17h19 Responder
  • ninjaaqua

    Found a RG link for it if you want it.

    19 Jun 11h15 Responder
  • ninjaaqua

    You know I was actually thinking about that myself after listening to those mixes but I wouldn't know where to get them. Looking through the other Mixmag tracks, Mixmag Live! Vol. 4 - Hardcore Techno Classics would be a good bet, haven't tried to find it myself yet though.

    19 Jun 11h14 Responder
  • ninjaaqua

    I haven't actually. Just looked up the track list and it looks pretty damn good. Will have to track it down. Also if you want a mix of 100% bangers and nostalgia then get Altern 8 - Old Skool Euphoria. Not all Breakbeat Hardcore but I love listening to it.

    18 Jun 20h05 Responder
  • ninjaaqua

    You know what, I looked through my folders and the only actual released mixes I have on my computer is Biochip C. - Break It Oldschool -100% Classic Breakbeats- and Uncle Dugs - Rinse 20, both of which are good. All the other Breakbeat Hardcore mixes I can think of are on tapes/have no tracklist or are impossible to find, like this Someone has uploaded this and it was a really good mix tape: (quality is a bit gash but that's to be expected for shit coming out around this time). So yeah, I don't have many specifics unforunately, you'll have to get on Yaman and Fantazia's tapes and see what's good.

    18 Jun 19h59 Responder
  • ninjaaqua

    Boymerang is some next level shit man. I don't know why I haven't checked out his LP, it should be really good. Seriously No U-Turn is such a damn good label.

    20 Mai 21h22 Responder
  • ninjaaqua

    Bear in mind that I bum DJ Trace, hence why I liked Amtrak the most. Shit man I've liked almost everything of his from his oldest to newest stuff.

    20 Mai 20h29 Responder
  • ninjaaqua

    It's all about Amtrak for me, the Tramen blows me away everytime I hear it. Check out Boymerang's remix of Technology as well, shit's incredible. Torque is like a textbook of how to make Drum & Bass right.

    20 Mai 19h49 Responder
  • ninjaaqua

    They're quaity but it's not like the Defcom days anymore, which is a shame:

    20 Mai 19h30 Responder
  • ninjaaqua

    That's probably a side effect of it being a compilation than a proper LP. While not as good, you might want to give Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - Blackout Vol. 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 a listen. And then you can join me in tfw Kryptic Minds will never go back to producing excellent Drum & Bass.

    20 Mai 16h34 Responder
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