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  • redblueorange

    Vegetarian food! There are so many alternatives to meat! Quorn, beans, soya... There's more, I swear. I'm not an expert (yet).

    31 Out 17h06 Responder
  • redblueorange

    The ending of season one SLAYED me (even more than Piper slayed Pennsatucky). Imagine sitting on the subway on your way to school watching your fav series and then all of a sudden STAB STAB STAB YOU THOUGHT THE MAIN CHARACTER WAS EASY-GOING AND CALM BUT NOOOOOOO!!! I relate to Piper in that way, we're similar. We might seem chill and silly on the outside but we both carry some heavy, dark shit inside. You don't to let that out. Other than Piper, Sophia is a gigantic favourite of mine. She is sassy and real and yay for representation of minorities! I think Alex as a concept is good for keeping the plot unpredictale. She messes with Piper's sanity though and it enervates me since I see myself as Piper. Still, I adore Laura Prepon because she was on one of my other favourites shows, That 70's show. I legitimately squealed when I first saw her in OITNB.

    31 Out 17h04 Responder
  • redblueorange

    Salmiakki... I will never understand salmiakki! It seems that only 10% of the earth's population likes it and that the rest detests it, me included. It's simply not my thing. Makes my mouth go "bleeeh".

    31 Out 17h04 Responder
  • redblueorange

    Forever bless the cancer sick woman (I'm bad with names) who ran over that life ruining b***h (once again, I'm terrible with names, that's what she's known as in my head) in the last episode. "I never liked her" HAHAHAHAHA

    29 Out 15h12 Responder
  • redblueorange

    Omg, makkara, I can't even, it's just a damn sausage!! There's nothing groundbreaking about makkara. OK, there are some interesting sorts (like the ones with apple in them, don't ask me how they taste like apple, but that's what the packaging says...), however, the magic wears off after eating 1000 of them. I'd like to be a vegetarian tbh. I've eaten meat all my life but I don't love it as much as you seem to do, so my reasoning is that if I CAN live without it, why not? There are a bunch of environmental/health benefits and stuff. They serve vegetarian food in school. I try to eat that. I'm not going to try to convince my family to eat vegetarian (TOO MUCH EFFORT NEEDED), but if my dad decides to follow his own teachings for once, I might become a full time vegetarian (emphasis on the "might" part).

    29 Out 15h10 Responder
  • redblueorange

    Does my grammar make sense? :p Anyway, I refused to carry my dad's plastic bag with sausages so I got off the ferry before him and took the subway home (while he took a cab; I think he secretly enjoys destroying the environment). He got filled with Finnish rage. I refuse to give a crap. :)

    28 Out 11h27 Responder
  • redblueorange

    The ferry we stayed at isn't even worth mentioning since I've taken the same ferry to Finland for 15 years... There's not much to do to begin with if you don't drink alcohol, and I've been to big for the kiddie playroom, like, half my life, so I usually stay in all evening and read at the ferry. I got to eat a vegetarian hamburger one evening though. It was tasty and my dad has said that he wants to start eating vegetarian and be healthy and stuff... Still, he buys an entire plastic bag filled to the brim with Finnish sausage and I just can't take his hypocrisy... Kinda amusing how two-sided people can be though.

    28 Out 11h23 Responder
  • redblueorange

    I came home about an hour ago. I didn't have as much time in Helsinki as I had liked (about five hours; it was only a cruise after all), but I had a OK time. Two CDs (Kovemmat kädet by PMMP; it's like their best album and I haven't got the chance to fully appreciate it, and Väärinpäin lentävät linnut by Jippu; she rocks actually! I take back anthing bad I've said about her) and two books (one in Swedish by the Icelandic crime-author I recommended to you a while back, and "Orange is the new black"; the TV-series is WORTH watching btw, comedic & insightful & gut-wrenching at the same time) were purchased by none other than myself. I was there with my Finnish dad and little brother, and we mostly went around in different stores & shopped... We also ate lunch with a woman my dad dated, like, 40 (!) years ago. They are good friends now, but my mom always gets jealous when she is brought up in conversation and goes like "do you see ME hanging out with MY old boyfriends?!".

    28 Out 11h17 Responder
  • redblueorange

    and consequently stress-relieving :)

    25 Out 11h32 Responder
  • redblueorange

    Heyo! I'm going on a cruise to Helsinki tomorrow, thought it would be fun to let you know. How have you been latley? How have your plans on traveling to Finland been flourishing? My own current state of mind: glad I'll be in Finland, even if only for a day, stressed because I don't know what gymnasium I want to go to NEXT fall (gymnasium=three year education after the compulsory nine year elementary school. It's like the American high school minus the freshman year, which is the last year of elementary school here. I don't know why this is important for me to inform you but it might be useful to know? idk tell about the spanish school system in exchange). Will my grades be high enough for me to get in where I want? The pros of changing schools in the last year (tolerable classmates) outweigh the cons (all new teachers and inevitably slightly lower grades), but it's still causing a little trouble. I know I'm being pessimistic and that's just who I am; complaining is easy

    25 Out 11h31 Responder
  • redblueorange

    It's not a bad album! I'm not the kind of person who can remember songs after hearing them just once but my general view is positive. Beibi made me genuinely adverse to Haloo Helsinki, since it's mundane to my ears... Every single song on this album is better though! I have no idea how they could release it as the lead single and how it could become such a hit but I'm not the average Finn exactly so how would I know? :p Ihan satumaa is one of their songs that I like much more than others btw :)

    6 Out 15h18 Responder
  • redblueorange

    Haloo Helsinki is a band I HAVE listened too... They're not one of my favourites, but I'll listen to their new album. They might have changed & gotten better (like a certain Suvi Teräsniska, hehe).

    5 Out 15h21 Responder
  • redblueorange

    I'm studying math at eleven o'clock at night but I've been a lot worse. I wish you a prosperous future as well, have fun with your life! :)

    4 Out 20h56 Responder
  • redblueorange

    Susta enkelit pitävät huolta: Party! Jenni is getting her freak on in this song! For real though, it's fun and catchy, and there's a saxophone. I say yes to this. Vanki: The total opposite compared to the previous song. Slow and calm. But there's a certain atmosphere to it, slightly entrancing. Sounds more like traditional Jenni Vartiainen, Päivät on täällä/Minä Ja Hän-ish. You'll understand when you hear it. Can not decide which one I like better. Right now I would say the first one, but Vanki is a grower. Then we have some acoustic versions of old songs... Nice additions but nothing to get worked up about. This re-release didn't bring much new to the table, Imo. Better than nothing though. Anything from Jenni is always worth listening to. Now I have some more jams to take me through the tedious and desolate fall. :( :D

    3 Out 14h22 Responder
  • redblueorange

    That's right, Jenni Vartiainen will sing a song by PMMP! Uhhh the prospect of that is just too awesome to be true.

    22 Set 19h09 Responder
  • redblueorange

    You're planning to be a translator? Fantastic, me too. :) I love languages, and I get upset over Swedish/English translations constantly, so I'd work with something I love while saving the world from trashy translations. :D I'll study Latin when I start going to a gymnasium next year, that will rock. And I'll pick up Spanish too (already reading French)! Finnish is on the list of languages I'm going to learn of course, but I'm hoping it will come naturally over time. All hail Finnish pop!

    21 Set 19h27 Responder
  • redblueorange

    I WATCHED PUHDISTUS BTW!! Like, WOW. Perfect adaption! They got all characters and all the settings so right! The story was also a lot lot lot easier to follow without the letters and poetic (at times convoluted) writing style. I was blown away. I don't even have anything concrete to say other than AWESOME JOB MOVIE MAKERS! Every important line was in there, and so much of the plot got clearer to me by seeing the visuals. I also got kinda scarred mentally. I a good way? The cruelty of some scenes made me question the existence of humanity (the rape, THAT FUCKING SCENE WITH LIGHTBULB AND THAT POOR GIRL, when Zara killed that fatty...). The ending made it all worth it though. When Aliide shoots those Russian pimps (they don't deserve names)... "Hans Pekk on kuolu!" Such emotional power. And Zara gets to share a hug with her grandma's sister and Aliide gets closure. I'm rambling, and it's not doing Puhdistus justice, but I'll make it clear that this is one of my favourite stories EVER.

    21 Set 19h19 Responder
  • redblueorange

    And yeaaah, I saw the track listing of the Terra re-release, I'm excited (obvi), although I have to inform you that I probably won't buy it... It's more expensive than I thought it would be and I don't have the economy to spend 22/23 euros on three songs, sorry... But I trust spotify (I have no other choice lol) and I also think the songs will be up on YT soon after the release anyway, don't think we'll miss them. If you manage to hear them before me, send me some reviews, OK? Short comment on dat samba: wut? It's Jenni so it's good but other than Jenni it's just a run of the mill samba. It's likeable tho I'm not being too negative.

    21 Set 19h09 Responder
  • redblueorange

    Greetings amiga, I was just going to message you, spooky coincidence. I'm glad you are enjoying university. You were reading something about languages, right? Sorry that my memory isn't the best, but do tell me about your studies if you want to, I'm interested.

    21 Set 19h04 Responder
  • redblueorange

    Yeah! Have a great weekend you too! I have you and Jenni Vartiainen on my side, nothing can bring me down right now!

    29 Ago 17h48 Responder
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