This calls for a celebration!


Set 22 2010, 21h48

Shuffle Survey
You know the drill, shuffle your itunes or mp3 player & the songs will be the answers to the questions. try not to cheat, okay? oh, & the questions are very random. it doesn't matter if your answer is weird. that's the fun in it. enjoy!

1) How is your boyfriend/girlfriend doing?
song: Breakin' Hearts
comment: Did I mention I hated men? lol

2) Do you have anything to pay off?
song: Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores (Single B Side)
comment: I hear funerals are exspensive

3) What are you wearing right now?
song: Eternal
comment: I have forever in my eyes

4) Do you know anyone that wants you dead?
song: Victim of Choices
comment: By ny own decisions

5) Do you believe that regrets are lessons learned?
song: When The Body Speaks
comment: I think that means, Yes?

6) What are you listening to?
song: Fallen Angel
comment: Nope... I'm lying

7) Where did you first hear this song?
song: Corrosion
comment: Off the cd

8) Are you the one that normally makes the first move?
song: Mic Check
comment: IDK!

9) Would you sacrifice yourself for a friend?
song: Halo (Sensory Gate Aura Mix)
comment: I guess NOT

10) Whats really annoying you right now?
song: Helicopter
comment: No this survey with all these dumb answers is though

11) State a fact about yourself.
song: Tell Me Why
comment: =]

12) What did you do today?
song: Lord Knows
comment: HaHaHa... I' really did nothing but this survey so far

13) Name your bestfriends.
song: Imprisoned Sun
comment: Thats NOT their names

14) What's a saying you scream when something bad happens?
song: All I Want
comment: All I want is for things to be good again

15)Are you always in a hurry?
song: I'm Alive
comment: YES!

16)Do you drink/smoke?
song: Hey World
comment: I do both lol

17)Whats one horrible thing you do?
song: Inn i evighetens mørke part 2
comment: Since I don't speak Norwedish I don't know how to answer

18)What do people label you as?
song: Soul Bleed
comment: Vampire?

19) Do people see you as a preppy person?
song: The Devil You Know
comment: HA! I'm too evil

20) What do you hate most about the opposite sex?
song: Rockin' On Heaven's Door
comment: ????

21)Whats your shoe size?
song: Cure
comment: Again... WTF??? Beautiful song though

22)Do you currently work?
song: Die in Winter (haujobb edit)
comment: So only in the summer?

23)What do you miss the most?
song: Amorous
comment: I like their new stuff

24) Are you over your texts on your cellphone?
song: No Crime
comment: ALWAYS!

25) Who do you know you can depend on?
song: Nothing but Love
comment: Fuck that! Love sucks!

26) Whens your birthday?
song: Dance of the Leaves
comment: It's October so it got the right season

27) Have any plans?
song: Lovin' You's a Dirty Job
comment: Isn't that enough?

28) Rate yourself from 1-10
song: Crushed (Scored Mix)
comment: That's NOT too good

29)Why do people like you?
song: Oernst of Life
comment: Idk what oernst means

30)Do you take any prescribed medication?
song: Just Shoot Me, Baby
comment: Yeah, too many

31)When you turn twenty-one you are going to do?
song: Mehr
comment: Another language I don't speak

32)What are you going to do to prepare yourself for your future career?
song: I Don't Wanna Be Me
comment: That sums up my entire life


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