Since I cleaned out my Itunes... I wonder what songs will be coming up


Nov 5 2008, 23h15

Life: Shuffled Music Player
(Turn Your Music Player on shuffle and answer w/ songs)

Your Name Is?: You Better Wait ...I guess your NOT ready for it yet ..LOL

How Old Are You?: Everlost (Part II) ..HA!

I Am Labeled What?: Selling God ...Damn!! Now I am definately going to hell

Do You Think You're Messed Up?: The Quiet Place ...Umm???

Your Family Thinks You Are?: Navigator ...Yeah okay. I'm the first to get lost

Friends think you are?: Tragedy ...HaHaHa! I think I am too

Teachers (Past or Present) Think You Are?: Save You ...I know they wanted too ..LOL!

Strangers Say To You: Hold on Loosely ...LoL ..No, but .38 Special does

Your Mom: Can't Stop Missing You ..They say this too my mom or she says it too me?

What song do you listen to when you're bored?: Hold (Kirlian Camera Remix) ...Right now I am =]

Happy?: Lady Picture Show ..When Scott Weiland is singing I'm always happy

Sad?: Sword ...I guess if I was too into battle

Excited?: Remember Tomorrow ..If it was a good day of course

Lazy?: The Number of the Beast ...HaHaHa! That's right! I let satan do all the work

Paranoid: shrouded are the pleasures of ...Paranoia !!!

People are: Forever ..Too bad we aren'tI'm NOT immortal

Everyday is: Heroes Die Young ..True

Right Now You Are: Otterley ..WTF!!!

I Wish I Was: Git Go ...Yeah ...I'd like too get the fuck out of here ..LoL!

Candy Is: Imperfectly ...Well most is pretty yummy

Love Is: Sleepless ...Since when? LoL!

You Like: This Is My Life ...And it sucks

Are You In A Relationship?: Pieces ...No, I'm in a full relationship LoL! But pretty song =]

If You've Ever Been In Love, How Was It: Wild Hunt ...Finding the right person is!

Girls Or Guys?: Lies ...HAHAHA!


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