I'll pretend I care about this and do a survey


Fev 7 2007, 6h59

MP3 Survey: Put your MP3 player on random and put the song that comes up as the answer.


How would you describe yourself: Regret
How would your friends describe you?: Symphony of Destruction
Your family?: Thy Guiding Light
Are you generous?: Love of Money
Do you have a short temper?: Rhythm From A Red Car
Are you a procrastinator?: Aftermath
How do you feel about yourself?: Bad
How do you feel about others?: Good Fortune
What do you think of puppies/kittens?: You Might Think


How would you describe your best friend?: Saturday Night Cockfight
What do you like to do with your friends?: Church on Tuesday
Where is your favorite hangout?: Elvenpath
A phrase or word that would describe your group of friends: Strange Wings
What do you say about your friends when they are not around?: You Rock My World
Name something you'd like to do with your friends, that you've never done: Makin' Love


So what will or is your true love like?: Wonderwall
What does he/she think of you?: Meet the Creeper
What do you guys like to do?: She Likes Surprises
What will everybody be saying at your wedding?: Chloe Dancer Crown Of Thorns
What will your honeymoon be like?: The Hive
Any kids in your future?: And So I Know
Describe the love you share: A Secret Place


your job: Ethereal Solitude
your car(which dosen't exist): No Easy Way Out
your house: Well Of Souls
your family: Peaceful, Easy Feeling
your next vacation: Tobacco Road
the sky: The Sun Will Rise
flowers: White Cluster
riding the subway: The Sermon Of Hypocrites
walking down a dark alley: Personal Jesus
waking up early in the morning: Amanda
stubbing your toe on the door: Remember


What quote will you be remembered for?: Living Out Of Touch
What does the bumper sticker on your car say?: I'm Alive
What is the first thing you say in the morning?: Get A Life
What is the last thing you say at night?: Cry No More
What are the words that you are just waiting to say to the world?: Words Unleashed
To your true love?: Exposure
What will your gravestone say?: For The Love I Bear


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