11/19/07 WMWC Radio Playlist


Nov 27 2007, 0h54

I get lazier and lazier. Playlist from monday, november 19th, from 9-10pm on wmwc.umw.edu

Stream it!

oh, and if you are a home recorder and/or employ lo-fi recording techniques, and want to be played on internet radio, then tell me. You'll get mad exposure. I can probably assure you 3 listeners. counting me.

Clara Clara - dans mon smoking
Charlie McAlister - Guy Fawkes' Day
Golden Rainbow Kid - Me gustas tanto que podría arrancarte la maldita cabeza
Cole Milner - Wake Up
Beat Happening - I Spy
Ghost Mice - Please Quit Smoking Mom
The Muggabears - No no Waspy Wasp
Jack & Jeffrey Lewis - Don't Be Upset
Kickball - Bird
Watercolor Paintings - Hello Out There
Modest Mouse - Austral Opithecus
Mount Eerie - ii. Solar System
Nevin Kight - Skin to Stretch
satanstompingcaterpillars - I Think It Is Beautiful That You Are 256 Colors Too
Lightning paw - Somethings True
Charlie McAlister - Shag Dancing Is Cool
Wells - hummingbirds' stolen song (master)
Captain Chaos - May All Liars Burn In Hell
Teom - Track 12
Mount Eerie - In Moonlight (Live)
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Young Shields

I'll upload the previous shows in podcast form somewhere someday. Maybe when UMW stops giving me awful internet? hmm?


  • Hoshwa


    Nov 27 2007, 16h06
  • lastminutesave

    3 listeners is 3 more than I had when I was on WMWC. It's becoming more popular!

    Jan 29 2008, 21h04
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