More Bands to Love!


Mar 14 2006, 23h03

Well, I downloaded this pack called "Indie Hits of 2005." I knew that it was the incorrect "indie=genre" but I liked bands who are stereotyped as indie normally so I thought I'd check it out. Some very good stuff, my favorites were.

¡Forward, Russia!
Aberdeen City
Ani DiFranco
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Boy Kill Boy
Brendan Benson
The Cardigans
The Chemical Brothers
The Constantines
Daphne Loves Derby
Deep Dish
Diamond Nights
Every Move a Picture
Fans of Kate
Fiona Apple
Fleeing New York
Kaiser Chiefs
The Kooks
Low Sparks
The Magic Numbers
Matt Pond PA
Miss Black America
New Order
Nine Black Alps
The Rakes
The Rosebuds
The Whip

Plus it was great to hear a new song from Radiohead! (I Want None of It)


Oh and because I can:
The Dresden Dolls
If you've never listened to them, do it now dammnit! They're AMAZING! Piano-rock, yum yum yum. Their new album is amazing.

Oh and ilyAIMY also, they're amazing too! They really should be famous. You can listen to some of their stuff on purevolume and


BTW feel free to give me reccomendations. I suggest you look at my top artists first though (I have a weird taste.)


  • shalinkumra

    Magic Numbers :) Seen them twice live now. Great band. The female vocals in 'I See You, You See Me' make my skin tingle.

    Mar 17 2006, 15h52
  • malcomio

    I saw Low Sparks supporting Lucky Soul in New Cross a while ago. They were both really good, although quite different styles

    Dez 12 2006, 14h32
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