• Neues HSB album anfang 08 =)

    Nov 25 2007, 19h57

    Juhuuuuu das neue HSB album kommt anfang 2008 =) wird hammmer!!!!
  • Biography

    Nov 18 2007, 15h53

    Carlo Cappello has been a musical star in the making since his debut arrival in Thunder Bay, Canada back in 1974. At only six years old, Carlo was already playing the piano and dazzling those around him with a natural musical talent of someone more than twice his age. By the time he was 16, Carlo was living and breathing music and he turned his musical flair to playing the guitar. However, unlike his teenage peers, Carlo was not content to be labelled as just another would-be High School rock star. Indeed, the unique mix of raw passion and melodic sensibility that he demonstrated during those early years saw him shine as a local musical star for whom the sky would be no limit.

    Whilst at University, Carlo began playing with various original and cover bands in the city of Thunder Bay, where he began to experiment with his own distinctive sound and refine his live performance. By 1999, he formed the False Prophets with Enzo and Joe Riccio and together they succeeded in winning over a core of loyal followers that encompassed Northwestern Ontario and beyond. The band's debut album entitled Afterlife was launched in 2000 and was released to great acclaim both locally and nationally. The False Prophets were heard on Rock 94FM's Canada Rocks show with track and interview features, they received exposure in the print media via several CD reviews and music interest pieces, they rose as Finalists in the Thunder Bay Band Wars in 2002, and they were showcased as featured artists on Vancouver's CFOX 99.3FM with the title track,"Overwhelmed" being played on rotation. The buzz surrounding the band's obvious talents for song writing and musical perfomance ultimately resulted in them being recognized by a respected A n' R company in Los Angeles in 2002. Recognizing the need to move their music closer to the action and the heart of the music business, The False Prophets met with a Dreamworks records A n' R executive in Los Angeles in July 2003.

    At the same time, Carlo Cappello also formed a solo accoustic side project in 2000 under the name of Star74. In 2001, Carlo released a self financed and recorded 5 song EP (untitled) and his song, Drive from the same album won him runner up in a nation wide musical contest. This success followed with Carlo being approached by various radio executives and independents from across Canada. In recent months, Star74 has transformed into a band in its own right with Stuart Green on Drums and Derek Jackson on Bass, soldifying Star74 as an entirely self sufficient song writing and performing unit.

    The first album from Star74 is set to be released in April 2004 and is currently being recorded at Tumbler Media Productions in the band's hometown of Thunder Bay by producer Luke Gladu. The album, which took six months to write, is an attestation to Carlo's distinctive sound, sublime vocals and the musical energy he has nurtured since birth. His music is described as a unique melodic mix of alternative, urban, country and folk sounds that draw their inspiration from the human condition and the discovery of oneself through relationships. Star74 seize your attention with deep-rooted harmonic tones and symphonic sounds, keeping true to the instruments and bearing the mark of their natural born love of music creation that most other groups struggle to realize.