My The Gathering Top-30


Jul 23 2011, 17h57


  • irisvanhoorn

    Great list!!! Saturnine is such an amazing song. I think it will end up high in my list as well. But The Gathering has a lot of very good songs. My number 1 is definitely Amity, so beautiful... Souvenirs (the song) is also really good. And.. and... and... Ooh... I think it will be so difficult to make a top of their songs!!

    Jul 29 2011, 19h06
  • MustBeDreaming1

    thanx :-) album version of Saturnine is not so touching as acoustic one from Sleepy Buildings and not so desperately driving as the live one from A Noise Severe :-) but Amity i like more on if_then_else :-) yes, they really have a million of amazing songs, and i really had difficulties making this list :-) i'm waiting for your one too ;-)

    Jul 29 2011, 21h26
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