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  • AtarashiSoul

    I lived in Japan for some years! So now being back for almost a year, I'm finally getting over reverse-culture shock and looking forward to going out more, haha. :D And please, do know that I hit up your profile to keep myself up to date on any artist I've missed out on giving a good listen to! :D

    17 Jul 4h33 Responder
  • AtarashiSoul

    Yeah! I moved back last year! The summer line up of shows this summer for Chicago is amazing, but I'll unfortunately be missing them (saving money). Hopefully Fall will be as awesome as Summer. Also, if you're down for catching a show together, let me know! After moving back, it's been mad hard finding folks into the same artists that I would like to see in concert. :D

    9 Jul 0h42 Responder
  • AtarashiSoul

    Keji! I couldn't help but notice that you're going to the FKA Twigs Chicago show....does that mean you're from the Chi?! :D

    29 Jun 7h41 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed Pinata. I'd figured it was just a 'filler' release or a mere collection of Gibbs and 'Lib's collabos but I was beyond wrong. It's a very cohesive piece that's almost cinematic in its scope IMO. 'Lib brings out the best in any rapper he works with. You saw them live?! Tell me more! LOL. 'Lib is such a recluse that it's almost monumental that you saw him live in the flesh! My Krazy Life is tight. It's like a thugged out flip side of good kid, mAAd city. True, J.Lo's glamour is timeless. Both her musical and film careers are way past their prime but she still gets love from many.

    23 Jun 20h43 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    :) I discovered Chance the week Acid Rap dropped. At first, I wasn't feeling his voice and flow at all but after another listen, I soon began to really enjoy both. The production, like you noted, is incredible. I also like the sentiment of much of what he rapped about. Yessir ...the second half of Pusha Man captures the feelings of disillusionment, despair and hopelessness so perfectly. Mensa's tape was another favorite of last year of mine. In fact, AR and Vic's tape were the only two rap releases that I really felt last year. With Cilvia Demo, Pinata and My Krazy Life, I've been feeling more of them this year. Skyzoo and Torae's Barrell Brothers also sounds nice. J.Lo always looks amazing. She's like the Puerto Rican Diana Ross IMO in that she's so flawlessly glamorous all times. LOL.

    22 Jun 4h28 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    I love Meshell like a play cousin but $200 for a secret show? I better get backstage access, a chance to spend time in the studio with her and a life long supply of food from her kitchen for that price! I like the spaced out soulfulness of Iman's production and vocal style. He's definitely a favorite. Can't wait for the proper follow-up to (VIBE)Rations. Being that you are a Chicagoian, what do you think about Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa? So, you watched the Running video a million times too! Man, I love that video! It's so elegant and flawless. Ditto for the 110% clip. I love JW's style. Visually, she's like a cross between Sade and Jennifer Lopez; different but it works.

    21 Jun 0h23 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    I don't come across too many Meshell fans IRL either but then again, I very rarely meet fans of many, if not most, of the artists that I really love. Attendees of the secret show were probably informed via e-mail, text or social media of its whereabouts. It was probably free. I got invited to a free "secret" Jose James show in Boston a few years ago via e-mail RVSP but I didn't go so I'm assumming Meshell's was a similar deal. Iman is definitely prolific. I have to listen to the new vocal EP again before I decide upon a verdict. I love his production style tho. Thanks soooooo much for the new JW link! I had no clue she had a new album dropping this year. I'm so happy! Tough Love is damned good. So glad she's not radically changing her sound.

    19 Jun 8h13 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    I also have tons of albums just sitting on my HD that I need to listen to! I find that I must listen to certain releases during "the right time" in order to correctly experience them. Thanks for the Meshell link! I feel kinda cheated since she didn't much old material in Boston! LOL. Wow, I'm kinda shocked that she did some Plantationl Lullabies numbers! She usually skips over her '90s stuff. :( The crowd at the Beanstown show was actually more white (surprisingly), mostly 30-45, unisex and kinda sedate. The other Meshell shows I've seen had a blacker audience and had more of a larger lesbian/bi subset. Did you check out Iman Omari's new EP?:

    18 Jun 1h26 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    LOL. I just watched Mos' WIYB segment. His slurred speech and spacey demeanor def indicated that he had just "gotten right" before taping. :) The downside of Mid-western living IMO is that the weather can be just as grim during the winter months as it is here up North. On second listen, I find McFerrin's album to be a very nice, pleasant Sunday afternoon type of listen but nothing more. I'll have to give it a few more listens before I'll probably wind up loving it like everyone else does. MDCL's Tide Arising and Renegades are both wonderful places to start. His new album is more instrumental. I have to be in the mood to enjoy its sound TBH. So, it's not Badu afterall! LMAO. The Meshell show was great. As expected, she didn't perform any old material, just new stuff. The ambiance was really nice since it was at a really swanky restaurant/theater in Cambridge.

    10 Jun 1h37 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    One more thing: Is that Badu in your avatar? Its' been bugging me trying to figure out who that person is! LOL.

    9 Jun 0h12 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    I have to see Mos' segment b/c I don't remember ever seeing it. When DOESN'T he seem like he's high on something? LMAO. LA is a potential new home for me so I want to explore it before I make my ultimate decision. I have to get the hell out of CT. I need a big city. NYC and D.C. are my Top 2 thus far. The only con is their cost of living. LA and Atlanta round out my Top 4. I thought Tinashe was on a more experimental vibe for some reason. Do you listen to Mark De Clive Lowe by any chance? What did you make of McFerrin's album?

    9 Jun 0h10 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    LOL. I've discovered some goodies via Amoeba's Whats in My Bag? I actually can't wait to see the store itself during my forthcoming trip to Los Angeles. Is Tinashe any good?

    4 Jun 23h55 Responder
  • Mjuzik_zg

    Niiiiiiiiiiiice charts! Rochelle Jordan <3

    3 Jun 22h36 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    Well, we can always cross our fingers and pray that Sade will do a limited run of theatre shows OR she can do what Maxwell is currently doing: a relatively short run of smaller shows in mid-sized markets to test out new songs. I agree, Nabuma is a nice culmination of all three of their previous releases. I love how explicit the R&B influence is now. After watching their segment of Amoeba's What's In My Bag, they're really big into Janet after all. I hear you! It's probably sad/weird but I partly consider possible new locations by their music scene! LOL. It's so crazy, the first BNH album didn't do much for me either when I purchased it on iTunes back in 2006. It's strange, it had all the elements that I liked and the songs weren't particularly bad--if not a tad derivative--but it just didn't click w/ me for some reason. Brother Sister is better but still somewhat hackeyned. N'Dea is an incredible vocalist tho.

    2 Jun 3h22 Responder
  • jaypeeCHILLIN

    thank you for those beautiful words, I really appreciate it. :)

    30 Mai 3h07 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    Are you a Brand New Heavies fan? I was listening to their classic remixes a week or so ago in the gym. They're a good band but they never hit me as hard as Jamiroquai, their sister band of the '90s acid jazz scene.

    27 Mai 1h29 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    I love every track on Nabuma Rubberband TBH. Cat Rider is so sensual. Doesn't it sound like a lost Janet Jackson slow jam? I'm mad tho b/c I can't see live in NYC next month b/c the tix are sold out at the moment. I'll just have to be creative and find a way to score entry into the gig which is easy to do in NYC. :) I try to attend shows that are on Fri-Sun. Weekday shows are hard to catch unless they're close by. (Usually, they are not.) It sucks for me b/c I'm currently back in CT and all the good shows are in NYC or Boston, both two hours away. I wanted to see Foreign Exchange again earlier this month but it was on a Tues. night and the commute to Boston was too exhausting so I had to miss it. :( Can't wait to give in a real city again!

    27 Mai 1h27 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    Badu and Sade are incredible live. I'm not the biggest fan of arena shows but Sade's was an once-in-a-lifetime experience. It worth every penny. Plus, she only releases an album and tours once a decade so you have to see her when you see her. ;) O&H's album was very dense on the first few listens. Then one day, I played Le Fox on a whim and I kid you not, I listened to it for two hours straight. I was mesmerized. Then I listened to the rest of the album and BAM, I fell in love w/ it. I thought EWH's debut was cool on first listen but within a month or so, I became completely enamored w/ it. It should be a crime for an album (especially a debut) to be that good!!! LOL. Here's Owusu's Goodnight: Hannibal's solo effort is dope too! I give him credit b/c Let Go sounds nothing like Quadron despite their similarities to LD. It goes to show you his range.

    27 Mai 1h24 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    The price of new releases on vinyl has increased tho. I can't even remember the last time I purchased a recent release on wax. It's been at least two years. You know what's funny? I was underwhelmed by both EWH and O&H's albums on first listen. But, man, when they hit, they HIT. Do you have Owusu's solo single, Goodnight? It was one of my favorite songs of last year. I also hope, wish and pray for a new O&H album. Did you know that Hannibal co-produced Let Go on Little Dragon's new one?

    27 Mai 0h41 Responder
  • jdotperiod

    Meshell, Sade and Badu are my holy trinity of female artists. I own all of their music (rarities, remixes, collector's items, you name it) and attend all of their concerts even if doing so is breaking the bank (I'm looking at you, Ms. Adu). LOL. As far as the live Meshell experience goes, each show is different f/ the last. Just like her albums. I also wish I could've seen her in the '90s in her pre-neo-soul glory. Do you watch the B&S shows? I want to see the season premiere of Hello Cupid but don't want to pay to do so. LOL. I've been a crate digger for over a decade now and honestly, I haven't broke the bank and I own thousands of records! :)

    27 Mai 0h38 Responder
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