• Vangelis

    Ago 22 2008, 2h18

    He is a member of my life, of my family. The master who taught me how to sense the music. He is seducing me with every single tune. I wish I could have an opportunity to be on his concert on which he would play my favourite pieces - so this concert would last into eternity.
  • music in my past

    Jul 18 2008, 0h25

    when I was 12 years old I used to listen only Spice Girls, and they were for me the most fabulous group ever, I was learning english on their lyrics, I was collecting everything what was merged with them, I was fan in that typical teenager meaning. Then on the scene have appeared All Saints with a cover of Under the Bridge, however I love more the version of Saints :P

    when i was 14, we went for the first time for a trip with my class and our teacher, we've been smuggling alcohol through the border and drinking it :P It was a crazy time, but that how begins my short episode with polish hip-hop, need to say that was my second and last episode. First one came when I was 9 or 10, dunno remember, my older cousin, well she was listening to Liroy, Wzgórze Ya-pa-3 and some other bands. So i was listening to Kaliber 44, Paktofonika and 1000.

    One year later we went for a trip once again and that's how i started to listen to more heavy music, I mean here System of a Down, Iron Maiden, Metallica. I had long hair and shit i was wearing all those t-shirts with bands names on it :P

    Later on my secondary school I was listening to something that easily came to ears, so it's time when i started listening to Moloko, Faithless and others.

    But most important time for me in aspect of music is the time when i turned 19, I was very open for any recommendations, I started to listening to electronical music a lot, I start to looking on my own hand for new sounds.

    Despite of all of those groups, genres, in my musical life always are present Vangelis and Mike Oldfield, they are masters for me, I have spent so many evenings listening to them so I even can't count it. They will always have place on my playlist.

    my previous last
  • orangebleu

    Jul 16 2008, 15h18

    she's the woman of ireland for sure, but she slightly moving on the waves, to the edge of the sea. gee.
  • sing a song for me

    Set 7 2007, 14h11

    be kind
    do what i want
    just sing a song for me
  • the reset had occured :)

    Ago 30 2007, 22h49

    due to having a super taste-o-meter with some ppl that i don't like that much as i like, i had to reset my statistics.

    sorry oldfield u won't climb on the top.
  • The Best music pieces around midnight

    Mai 22 2007, 0h25

    Most definately "The Wings" by argentinian composer Gustavo Santolalla is the best track for me at that time. Also Still is giving me sth that I can describe, but it helps me to dream better dreams, despite both songs are sad.

    I am faithful. Faithful for more than 12 yrs to Vangelis and Oldfield's music. They are Gods for me,
    so they also really deserved to be heard now,
    but they're losing with amazing "the wings".

    I would like to act in movie with music of Santaolalla.
  • sleepless nights

    Mai 11 2007, 1h26

    well. sometimes they are coming, nights without dreams.
    the best thing that time is listening to the music. I like quite different music, not so homogenical, but most definately for the nights the bust artists are Vangelis, Oldfield and Jarre.
    Also Preisner, Coulais - and more soundtracks composers.

    the best soundtrack ?
    of course - la double vie de veronique,
    1492 conquest of paradise,
    and instrumental pieces from brokeback mountain.
  • bla bla

    Abr 24 2007, 17h36


    I am fucking student of the english language and I am completly pissed off becuse that small bitch, my teacher of vocabulary is not teaching us literature language...
    I am not able to express myself in english,
    it is so awful...

    ma che minchia
    Io sono uno studento di inglese e Io sono nervoso percio una piccola putana, mia professora e non studia noi bene.
    Io non posso scrivere tutto a inglesa.
  • boring nights, boring days

    Abr 23 2007, 10h14

    Well. Life is so crazy.