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  • Mork_Laerer

    Hey hello, I'm doing a little survey: If you should pick one male musician and one female musician for an ideal collaboration, who would you combine together?

    14 Jul 10h35 Responder
  • music_scholar

    Salut, I saw you at the Musicology group. Do you have any suggestions, ideas for the group? With your >91k plays, I'm sure you've also passion for music(ology). Why don't you join us?... Here's a present for you: this wavegraph shows your top100 artists over >9 years. Each color represents 1 artist + the thickness the play amount. I can see at least 5 phases in your history where your artists shifted. Most lastfm users I talked to have in average 4 phases, so it seems you have more musical diversity than them. Would you agree? ... I added also a zoomed-in graph into the gallery (since 2014), so you can see more details of the recent trends... What do you think about this visualization? Don't forget to look at the existing graphs of the other >1300 lastfm users. Any feedback is appreciated

    5 Jul 8h56 Responder
  • hypno-toad

    you're awesome for knowing, what movie referenced on the 13 Ghosts II comment section. ;)

    27 Fev 11h24 Responder
  • Radioshack-

    Il est plutôt bon le dernier Jakob ! Un retour bien salué avec Sines.

    1 Nov 2014 Responder
  • dubvision99

    dubvision99 /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ I wish you a healthy Christmas time, very merry holiday and a music-rich year 2014 ;-) (KLANGKOSMONAUTENALLEE) /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

    24 Dez 2013 Responder
  • Kxking

    "Votre compatibilité musicale avec Munkyhead01 est Très élevée" ;-)

    23 Dez 2013 Responder
  • Craipo

    Si si j'avais vu, le coffret 4xLP+7"+sérigraphie trône dans mon salon depuis l'an dernier déjà, et j'ai fini de compléter avec la réédition de My Fruits Psychobells... signée Antithetic Records il y a quelques mois. Je suis à peu près à jour du coup haha mais merci quand même.

    8 Jun 2013 Responder
  • der_waldlaeufer

    Hello friend Cyril! My second self-release "Wanderlust" is out now!!! +++ Digital download +++ Check out the album previews on Youtube: +++ Facebook: +++ Feel free to add me to your library: Thx & enjoy, Der Waldläufer

    2 Abr 2013 Responder
  • subatomicdreams

    Hello ☺☺. I’d like to invite you to listen to Subatomic Dreams with full-length track available.

    21 Mar 2013 Responder
  • dubvision99

    I wish you a healthy, music rich in 2013 , greetings from deepest germany , Prost (;-)

    2 Jan 2013 Responder
  • luminna Un groupe qui pourrait t'intéresser si tu ne connais pas ;)

    20 Nov 2012 Responder
  • luminna

    Oui, c'est très black c'est pour ça ;). Dans un autre registre prochainement il y a :

    24 Set 2012 Responder
  • luminna

    Dommage que Between the Buried and Me passe à Paris mais pas à Lyon :/. Assez belle affiche mercredi sinon ;):

    24 Set 2012 Responder
  • CureMyTragedy

    Ca fait qq mois qu'un pote m'a initié, j'ai commencé avec du Strapping, et me voici completement mordu du Bonhomme...

    31 Ago 2012 Responder
  • Kxking

    Faut que j'écoute plus, mais c'est bien pour chiller ;)

    13 Jul 2012 Responder
  • jobforashredder

    thanks, i must say you also have very good tastes as well.

    3 Jun 2012 Responder
  • lilythepeanut

    Hey! One of my friends talked to Mikael Akerfeldt at the opeth concert a few days ago, and Mikael said that opeth is going to do a second tour (with growling) and with MASTODON!!!!

    27 Out 2011 Responder
  • lilythepeanut

    So first of all, YOU'VE NEVER HEARD WATERSHED? :O It has some of the sexiest metal songs ever! hahaha. Anyway, about Mastodon, I just relistened to the new album, and I also think that it's good. I think that Black Tongue and The Hunter stand out as the best songs on the album. Also, I think the first half of the album is a lot more interesting than the second half (the songs after The Hunter). It just gets kind of boring for me during the second half. I'm glad they stuck with using lots of melodic lines for their songs rather than just rhythms, and I'm glad they still have good/interesting ideas for the melodies!

    6 Out 2011 Responder
  • lilythepeanut

    Yes! I did, but it was a while ago, so I don't remember what I thought of it. I know I didn't like it as much as Crack the Skye. What did you think? Also, did you listen to Opeth's new album?

    4 Out 2011 Responder
  • lilythepeanut

    I did listen to it and I think it's good. (Oops, I just realized I spelled their name wrong in my previous post. My bad!) Anyway, I liked the instrumental parts too. But yeah, I don't think the vocals are that great. I mean, I guess it's a logical sound for them (I think I heard some singing like that on Crack the Skye), but is it a bit over produced or something? Also, I prefer metal vocals to be heavier hehe. On a more positive note, I just recently heard Dream Theater's new(ish) song and I really like it!! Too bad the title of their upcoming album is so corny...

    16 Ago 2011 Responder
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