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Fev 24 2006, 19h20

Its been about 2 months since I registered for and in the time I have listened to so many new bands and I have started to actually listen to the music my friends tell me is good. is solely responsible for me geting into these bands:

X Japan
Mr. Scruff (almost)
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her
Death from Above 1979
Kate Bush
The Futureheads

It also allowed me to listen to SO much more music from bands that I have barly listened to before like:

The Divine Comedy
The Breeders
Queens of the Stone Age
The Blues Brothers
The Who
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

It also reinvigorated my love for the greatness that is Urusei Yatsura somehow.

Thank you I am eternally grateful.


  • korno

    Yeah, its pretty damn cool. Always going offline though =(

    Fev 24 2006, 19h24
  • bloomindaedalus

    Yeah, its pretty damn cool. Always going offline though =( i haven't noticed this much since the end of 2004

    Fev 24 2006, 20h51
  • shinyhappydan

    Last FM is indeed the nuts. And the whole playlists thing. Aww yeah

    Fev 24 2006, 21h42
  • Twist Of Fate

    LOL!!! I haven't discovered many good bands at all, the only ones they reccomend are Less Than Jake and Less Than Jake clones.

    Fev 25 2006, 3h57
  • Twist Of Fate

    Which is good I guess, if you like Less Than Jake.

    Fev 25 2006, 3h57
  • quii

    I kinda knew the bands already, but never really listened to them till Smashing Pumpkins Queens of the stone age Those are main ones i guess But it has allowed certain friends to tell me what to listen to alot easier, so im starting to appreciate some other artists when other times i would just forget about it.

    Fev 27 2006, 2h01
  • euphemist

    i think is more fulfilling than a 5 course meal with a vodka tonic. ok.. maybe not a vodka tonic. i completely agree with you though. ive made loads of new mates and have shared a thousand and one artists with them. spread the word! x

    Mar 10 2006, 17h34
  • tucks

    Oh Yes, I needs to write a journal on all the bands I've discovered through LastFM and its members...... and I've only been here since Jan........ oh, and all the stuff I've rediscovered....... Can you overdose on music???? I think I'm begining to feel a little queasy....... Int tinternet bloody wunderful?!

    Mar 10 2006, 19h31
  • Yai

    Man if i write a journal on all the bands I've discovery here I'll end up being a book. And I've only been using the site for 4 moths. Yes this site is very sddictive!

    Mar 11 2006, 6h32
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