• No Future

    Dez 29 2006, 10h36

    Today We are living,
    Tomorrow we'll Die.
    Yesterday we were born,
    At next moment we'll burn.

    We Don't Have Time for The Stupid Things
    We Don't Have Time for The Stupid Talks
    'Cos There is NO FUTURE

    Today we are Loving
    Tomorrow they'll go.
    They'll go to the NOWHERE
    the NOWHERE it's Time

    We Don't Have Time To FLame The Skies
    We Don`t Have Time To Destroy Other Life's
    'Cos there is NO FUTURE

    Today we are killing
    Tomorrow there zombies will it us till R.I.P.

    We don't Have Time For The Broken Wigs
    We Don't Have Time Till Awaiting The Angels
    'Cos There is NO FUTURE

    Today we are Riding,
    Tomorrow we'll Crush.
    But New Generation will remember Us
    Because we were Happy,
    Because we were Young
    Because we were Riders
    Beacause we played Rock
  • ___

    Dez 29 2006, 10h35

    в ночной тени увидел я тебя,
    Ты шла так гордо и крассиво
    Что расступались все слепые,
    Увидев крассоту твою!
    Твой взгляд опасней всех болезней,
    он поразил сердце моё.
    Глаза твои сравнимы с небом,
    и не достич мне их глубин!
    Твоё лицо безсмертное светило-
    что освещает всех вокруг.
    Ты настоящий ангел света.

    Я не встречал людей крассивей,
    Умнее не встречал людей.
    И не был никогда счастливей
    Чем в ночь когда тебя я повстречал.

    Но вот кончается уж ночь
    Мой сон закончен и опять
    я жду тот миг-
    когда мы встретимся опять.
  • Life

    Dez 29 2006, 10h34

    Sometimes I feel all pain of Life,
    It comes and goes.
    But just makes big cut in me,
    In soul of pour man.
    That Cut just grows and grows, and grows.
    and when that cut on me
    all pain with blood begun to ran
    and i begin to feel.
    I fall through paradise to hell
    and that is Why?
    i feel so fucking cold today.
    It comes,and comes,and comes.
    I turn to ice!
    If there is wall in my tunell
    These Ice like me
    Will Brake there.
    But if there's light in my tunell,
    these ice will melt.
    And i will stand in Paradise.
    But now i stand in Sabbath!
    That teach me every day
    And i can gone in any way
    But Evil everywhere
    That's Why
    I Must just stay in Sabbath
    which feed me with Ideas
    And i begin to write.
    I write first songBut there goes nother.
    And so I can't go out from Sabbath.
    Because I fell that, that is mine
    And if it;s mine,
    it's mine 4ever!
    i must to stand in Sabbath
    That now is party of me!
    And now
    This Black Sabbath

    IS Me!!!
  • Angel

    Dez 29 2006, 10h34

    I was searching for friend,
    Every day all alone.
    I was searching for Love,
    That will never go out.
    I was walking through streets,
    of one ancient ruin.
    I hoped i will find You.

    One sunny day I found the Angel,
    It was the Angel of the light.
    She was as beautiful as Nature,
    She was as clever as the God,
    She was the trully fallen Angel
    That felt to save my mind.

    I Love her really very much
    I miss her when we're not together.
    I write the letters in my mind.
    She was the Nagel that just saved me.
    She saved my soul,
    She saved my mind.
    I Love You Angel very much,
    i like Breathing,Dressing,Walking
    i hope we'll meet some Day the Angel.
  • NiiterroR

    Dez 29 2006, 10h21

    Instrumental Song by NiterroR was posted at
    If have listened it, please write here what do you think about it.