• Music In 2005

    Dez 18 2005, 13h08

    The following Albums/Singles made me happy this year
    10 Singles
    10 Albums
    Love It or Hate It I don't mind
    Comment if you wish :P
    There were many many more but I'll narrow it down

    2005 Singles
    Josh Pyke-Middle Of The Hill
    Artchitecture In Helsinki-It's 5!
    Hot Hot Heat-Middle Of Nowhere
    Doves-Black and White Town
    The Drones-Sharkfin Blues
    The Gin Club-Drug Flowers
    The Coral-In The Morning
    Maximo Park-Graffiti
    Bloc Party-This Modern Love

    2005 Albums
    Bloc Party-Silent Alarm
    Doves-Some Cities
    Artchitecture In Helsinki-In Case We Die
    Franz Ferdinand-You Could Have It So MUch Better
    Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake It's Morning
    Mountain Goats-The Sunset Tree
    Kanye West-Late Registration
    Coldplay - X & Y
    The Drones - Wait Long By the River And The Bodies Of Your Enemies Will Float By