• Soundtrack to my Life

    Mai 16 2010, 16h05

    iTunes on shuffle, answer each of the following to score your own biopic.

    -Opening Credits: Who's That Girl - Eurythmics [actually pretty qt minus the gender issue]

    -Waking Up: Kiss With A Fist - Florence + The Machine [excellent drum beat to open with]

    -Falling In Love: You Are What You Are (Beautiful) - Christina Aguilera [<3 hopefully they will be LOL]

    -Fight Scene: This Protector - The White Stripes [excellent...]

    -Breaking Up: I'm Not Alone - Calvin Harris [pfft, well that's irony for you]

    -Make Up: Take You Home - Annie [haha, possibly very apt]

    -Secret Love: L.O.V.E - V.V. Brown [v. qt <3]

    -Life's OK: Word Forward - Foo Fighters [perfect?]

    -Mental Breakdown: I Love Playin' With Fire - The Runaways [oh dear :/]

    -Driving Scene: Black Hole - Lindsay Lohan [eek, lets hope I don't drive across one of them]

    -Flashback: Good Love - Bat For Lashes [erm, ok]

    -Happy Dance: Technologic - Daft Punk [oh yeah, fierce!]

    -Regretting: Hella Good - No Doubt [...but if it was hella good I surely wouldn't regret it]

    -Long Night Alone: Viva La Vida - Lady GaGa [certainly will be a long night if that messy cover is playing]

    -Final Battle: Dynamite - Christina Aguilera [well I could probably use some in battle]

    -Death Scene: DJ Culture - Pet Shop Boys [um, that would actually be amazing on film]

    -Final Ending: Hit So Hard - Hole [haha that would be a good closer]

    -End Credits:Material Girl - Madonna [omg what is it with my opening/closing songs that have gender conflict]