Bip bip... mutation achieved... 0% mainstream... 100% snob... not human anymore!


Mar 29 2007, 22h05 result

MoreSnobThanYou is 0.00 % mainstream

He he, obviously I'm not human anymore! :-P

Ok ok, I don't listen only that, but this game was a cool oportunity to came back on many very good stuff when not great and few only good but uncommon. I even discovered a few great stuff during this little game. So very cool. :-)


  • MoreSnobThanYou

    Lol, you mean tag their genre? Honestely, that's not easy to navigate through sub-sub-genres. How about I send you a compilation with one representative track of each so you'll get an idea? :-P

    Mar 29 2007, 23h12
  • MoreSnobThanYou

    Lol ok, but it will take me some time, and cough cough, I'll put slighty wrong artist names so you don't destroy my current score. :-P If you hate bad tags you'll have to rename them yourself, I'll just add a _ to artists names.

    Mar 29 2007, 23h54
  • Anarchaotical

    i want one too! aiyee!! im 7.9 percent mainstream! O noes!

    Abr 2 2007, 3h40
  • MoreSnobThanYou

    Ok done I send you the 100% Snob! ;-p compilation. :-) One note, it's not my best of or something like that, it's one track per artist of the top 30 quoted here. The order of the tracks isn't smart, it just follows th top 30 order.

    Abr 2 2007, 23h21
  • gifool

    Please sir, could I have a playlist too?

    Abr 5 2007, 9h44
  • MoreSnobThanYou

    Yep I send you a message. Good luck, I haven't yet received any feedback about it so it's a good chance that it is difficult or uninteresting for other people. :-) Fun is that myself I find it very good globaly and not difficult to listen apart eventualy for very few tracks. My only complain is that the tracklistr order isn't allways well done, plus if I had made a compilation without any imposed theme it would be very different.

    Abr 6 2007, 19h44
  • Quaziu

    Iwant to be a snob too, could You send me this compilation?;) thanks in advance;]

    Abr 8 2007, 9h59
  • MoreSnobThanYou

    Ok :-) it's done, have a snob listening. ;-p

    Abr 8 2007, 16h33
  • alicetragedy

    you are listening to a lot of french bands aren't you? :)

    Abr 11 2007, 11h58
  • mgasner

    wow id love a copy if thats possible.

    Abr 11 2007, 18h02
  • MoreSnobThanYou

    mgasner ok I'll prepare and send you your copy. But I'm bored to distribute the same so I'll made a new one, still based on this profile but with more thinking in tracks and tracklist choice. So I'll send you an url later this day. alicetragedy on the top 30 quoted above from this profile there's 9 french bands. For my main profile in the current top 30 thre's 10 French bands. So I supose that answer to your question?

    Abr 12 2007, 8h59
  • MoreSnobThanYou

    I just send you the V2.0 of the compilation. All tracks are different than those in the 1st compilation but 23 artists/albums are the same. Those artists are taken from the current top 50 artists of this profile. I think it is better done than the 1st version even if I regret some tracks of the 1st version. Comments, positive or negative are welcome.

    Abr 14 2007, 11h15
  • Arch-Nihil

    If you ever have the time, I'm just curious to know what kind of music can be so underground. ;P I'm actually 1.7% underground. ;P I used to have 1.3%, but Isis entered my charts and screwed everything up. It's allright, I love Isis. <3

    Abr 15 2007, 23h56
  • MoreSnobThanYou

    badgeofsarcasm, Shakrai and Arch-Nihil, I send you the v2.0 of the compilation. Have fun. :-)

    Abr 16 2007, 0h29
  • Arch-Nihil

    Hahaha, even if you're the Snob-est person of, you're a nice guy. ;P Thanks.

    Abr 16 2007, 0h31
  • MoreSnobThanYou

    Thank you! :-) But I don't forget/forgive that you're an ugly snob!!!

    Abr 17 2007, 0h07
  • Snoopy_rus

    very nice :D I already sent you a PM with compilation request :)

    Abr 17 2007, 12h18
  • MoreSnobThanYou

    I answered you, good listening. :-)

    Abr 18 2007, 0h30
  • MoreSnobThanYou

    Send you both the compile v2.0, god listening!

    Abr 20 2007, 0h06
  • mrjobi

    hey, may I have a link too? just curious what the weird-named bands can play.. (: greetz, MJ }:->

    Abr 20 2007, 13h03
  • MoreSnobThanYou

    Cool in my arms friend, I hope he will release his next album this year. mrjobi, heshallburn and Beautiful_Agony, I send you the compilation v2.0. Good WE.

    Abr 21 2007, 8h04
  • yuval_ritt

    Hey, can I have a copy too please, I want to see what's non-mainstream ;)? Thanks :-)

    Abr 22 2007, 14h58
  • MoreSnobThanYou

    Done... Non-mainstream? Hu in the first part of the compilation I believe you'll have a surprise about what non-mainstream music can be. :-)

    Abr 22 2007, 17h06
  • timboarder

    I like what you did here, nice to see. Was wondering, can i have a copy too please? Thanks in advance, timboarder

    Abr 23 2007, 14h19
  • MoreSnobThanYou

    Cool, I hope you'll enjoy the compilatin too. :-) I send you a copy.

    Abr 23 2007, 23h02
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