• Top 3 Lists: August

    Ago 31 2005, 5h47

    Well audioscrobbler/ underwent this big overhaul and here we are, with this new journal feature. The cool kids seem to be using it, so I decided I would as well. Despite visiting at least every other day, I do not have the will to update a journal that often, so I picked the arbitrary length of a month to catch all you up on my musical doings. Hopefully at the end of every month I'll clue all you people out there (who must be really bored, or as nerdy as I am) as to what I've been listening to lately, and why. Anyway, here it goes.

    Artists I saw in concert:

    3. The Sweater Club
    I only got to make it to one show this month, a ska show at The Lab on the 20th, so hopefully next month my post is more extensive. Anyway, The Sweater Club opened and they put on a fine show. They're a decent ska punk band from Oregon, check em out if you're into that thing.

    2. Number One Dads
    The show on the 20th was their CD release show, and the reason I went to the show in the first place. I hadn't seen tNOD before, but they were really good. A local (Seattle, Bothell?) ska band that could be compared to Catch 22 and RBF, but still distinguish themselves and their own sound. They had great stage presence and put on a really good show. They'll be playing again the 10th, I hope to make it out to that.

    1. Too Short Notice
    Too Short Notice is a female fronted ska band from the East Coast (it's all one giant Atlantic mess to me) that I hadn't heard of but really blew me away. They sound similar to Stalking Roxy, and while they didn't have anything special I could quite put my finger on, I haven't been able to stop listening to them since the show, so I guess they did a good job.

    Tracks of the month:

    3. Don't Tread On Me
    Most of you I'm sure are familiar with 311, and that they had a new record out this month and this is the first single off it. Anyway, it sounds more like older 311 and I'm really diggin it.

    2. Wires and Waves
    I'm sure most of you are familiar with Rilo Kiley as well, if not they're a female fronted indie rock band, be sure to check them out, I haven't met a single person who doesn't like them. Wires and Waves is one of their older songs, but I recently got hooked on it. This song had be at trill.

    1. Monday Morning
    This quite possibly could be the only time you will ever see a rap track (especially one using the term "crunk") as #1 for a month for me, but I cannot get this song out of my head. El Pus is a rap band out of Atlanta, and they sound somewhat like Outkast, with more guitar. "She came into the bar respectable, but left a whore." Seriously, give the song a listen if you can handle rap.

    Other news I'm too lazy to make 3 part lists for:

    - I've been listening to a decent amount of female fronted bluesy rock lately, along the lines of Sleater-Kinney and The Kills.

    - Got in a car accident this month, PaBuNko and egomonkey were in the car, Zolof The Rock And Roll Destroyer was playing, everybody is okay, except rock & roll might have been destroyed.

    I guess that's it for my August musically, it was a relatively slow month. Please feel free to comment on this, or about my tag list which I compiled this month of bands I've seen live, the tag part of is pretty cool and I'm glad it's working, now how about those top fans lists? =D