Abr 11 2009, 4h41

Fri 10 Apr – The Devil Wears Prada, A Day to Remember, Sky Eats Airplane, Emarosa
Emarosa - Missed
SEA - Suck it
A Day to Remember - Amazing
The Devil Wears Prada - Intense


  • brianPLAGUES

    This review sucks, why buy a ticket if you aren't gonna enjoy all the bands.

    Abr 11 2009, 9h07
  • taysue

    they both can go suck a dick, that's ridic. Emarosa was alright, not as good as I expected. SEA was good imo, but I got really clostraphobic cause the crowd was fucking insane, and I couldn't move, then I lost my phone. That's right before I met you, ha. ADTR was amazing, so was TDWP, I didn't get clostraphobic during them because I had someone protecting me haha :)

    Abr 11 2009, 21h44
  • Mokena

    I would have loved to have seen Emarosa, but I got their late. It was out of my control, so fuck yourself. SEA is of no interest to me at all, so I didn't pay attention to them at all. Fuck yourself. I was in the 2nd row at the very front for A Day to Remember. It was easily the 2nd best performance I've ever seen live, the first being when I saw A Day to Remember last October in Lemont at Stage 83. Fuck yourself. The Devil Wears Prada was intense, even though I wasn't in the main area place. I still had a fun time watching them. Fuck yourself.

    Abr 11 2009, 22h47
  • taysue

    fuck myself

    Abr 11 2009, 23h03
  • Mokena

    I was talking to the Brian fellow, but you can fuck yourself too, if you want >_>

    Abr 12 2009, 2h01
  • TheWolfSings

    SEA should have gone first.

    Abr 12 2009, 2h04
  • Mokena

    Truth, or not have played at all. Put someone else on the bill, preferably a smaller band. Take someone who could use the exposure and gain them some recognition

    Abr 12 2009, 2h18
  • brianPLAGUES

    Emarosa and The Devil Wears Prada are really good friends, they toured together way back when they were called Corsets Are Cages.

    Abr 12 2009, 6h09
  • Mokena

    I have no qualms with TDWP / Emarosa / Or ADTR. SEA shouldn't have gone on tour, rather a smaller band should've gone. Like, We Came As Romans. They would've been an awesome addition.

    Abr 12 2009, 7h58
  • lucky_eno

    Brian, I've been to plenty of shows where I've gone for one or two bands only. I'm sure I'm not only speaking for myself. I went for Emarosa & ADTR and they were both great. ADTR played a lot of the same songs they did when I last saw them at the HOB though, but whatev.

    Abr 12 2009, 20h05
  • zacharybinks

    I only went for ADTR and TDWP and I stayed for like 3 TDWP songs and left.

    Abr 12 2009, 20h19
  • shennnanigans

    Glad to see other people know that SEA sucks at music and life.

    Abr 12 2009, 23h59
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