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  • blankiers

    super duper tasty my man

    22 Jun 22h13 Responder
  • Sauceless_FLAC

    Also, to piggyback on sumidiotdude, go see Death Grips live no matter what. One of the craziest shows I've ever been to.

    24 Mar 19h16 Responder
  • Sauceless_FLAC

    Thanks! Try starting out with Odd Blood, lots of super fun pop songs. You'd probably like All Hour Cymbals too, it's a bit more psych-rock influenced. Do you have any suggestions for getting into BMSR? I've listened to Dandelion Gum and would love to check more out, but don't know where to start.

    24 Mar 19h14 Responder
  • sumidiotdude

    oh absolutely. i just wish it would have been a total surprise instead of us having the harvest records hints and whatnot. but yeah the hype was unreal but well deserved. are you gonna be seeing em on this tour?

    24 Mar 19h10 Responder
  • sumidiotdude

    fuck yeah. when i saw them three years ago they closed with it and the place went INSANE. are you diggin JD

    24 Mar 17h36 Responder
  • sumidiotdude

    whats your favorite dg song

    24 Mar 16h27 Responder
  • LivingGhostISee

    Thanks you too :) Awh yeah I love duality, same here hope it's out sometime this year anyway

    22 Fev 2h21 Responder
  • lemonadegrrrl


    21 Fev 18h18 Responder
  • PaulPoulak

    we're probably only super thanks to helios

    19 Fev 19h48 Responder
  • Fezalach

    thx m8 I liked it it's very chill and "jazzy"

    10 Fev 20h51 Responder
  • glietzsche

    yes yes, it's one of my favourites too! they did a gig in paris on their european endless fantasy tour and it was amazinggg

    10 Fev 20h47 Responder
  • Loomgale

    ay its cool jus message me when u can

    13 Jan 22h19 Responder
  • Loomgale

    yo are u not on skype anymore

    12 Jan 23h35 Responder
  • Keolia

    happy new year(っ^▿^)

    1 Jan 18h07 Responder
  • Dale515100

    Hope you had a really great Christmas :)

    28 Dez 2014 Responder
  • Dale515100

    Damn! I am really shocked that i found you Since we got along really well during that thread a few months ago :) Im glad your doing okay man and i cant wait to have a proper discussion with you about music and lyrics sometime soon

    22 Dez 2014 Responder
  • Dale515100

    This may sound super random and silly but a few months ago i am sure we spoke on 4chan once and i showed you a few of my lyrics and you gave me your tumblr. I apologise if this makes no sense but you and the person in question have the same username

    21 Dez 2014 Responder
  • Loomgale

    yeah the caretaker's great tbh

    19 Dez 2014 Responder
  • BasedKandela

    yo what was your last avatar

    25 Nov 2014 Responder
  • MayDave


    22 Nov 2014 Responder
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