absolute fucking freedom absolutely mind blowing all time favorites ask me why and ill spit in ya eye atmospheric autumn awesome beautiful belle best album openers best end best song ever best songs of 2006 best songs to listen while we are playing kof british sounding american band british wonderfulness brooklyn compulsive repeat listenings dance punk ethereal euphoric excellent favorite albuns favourite albuns favourite songs favourite songs of all time ever in the world wow for a long drive through an open field fucking awesome heartbrakingly beautiful heavenly recording hypnotic i love handclaps in songs i love this fucking song i was never a swedish teenager with swedish teen angst so now i will attempt at… incessant drums indiepop aint noise pollution instant classic it makes me cry jangle jangle-pop jangly guitars klaxons are love ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space like being in a dream listen with your eyes closed losing myself lovelovelove lovely makes me extra happy no words ok computer play it at my funeral psychedelic pop pure perfect pop reflective repeat repeat repeat sexy shoegaze shoegaze bliss shoegaze what is really amazing sing along and jump with so beautiful that hurts songs for standing still in the crowds of hurried frown people songs that i will still be listening to in a billion years strange and beautiful stuff i should be able to inject directly into my blood stuff i should be able to inject directly into my veins swedish tears come pouring down my face when i listen to this the 80s was not a dead decade this is the gloaming top 20 greatest ever songs twee what indie should be like