top. ten.


Mai 29 2011, 20h42

1. Relient K
First Heard: Gibberish
Fell In Love With: Sadie Hawkins Dance
All Time Favorite: For The Moments I Feel Faint
Current Favorite: Hoopes I Did It Again

2. Superchic[k]
First Heard: One Girl Revolution
Fell In Love With: Stand In The Rain
All Time Favorite: Beauty From Pain
Current Favorite: Suddenly

3. Family Force 5
First Heard: Love Addict
Fell In Love With: Get Your Back Off The Wall
All Time Favorite: Lose Yourself
Current Favorite: N/A

4. Paramore
First Heard: Misery Business
Fell In Love With: crushcrushcrush
All Time Favorite: That's What You Get
Current Favorite: All I Wanted

5. TobyMac
First Heard: Catchafire (Whoopsi-Daisy)
Fell In Love With: Gone
All Time Favorite: The Slam
Current Favorite: Changed Forever

6. Avril Lavigne
First Heard: Complicated
Fell In Love With: Sk8er Boi
All Time Favorite: My Happy Ending
Current Favorite: I'm with You

7. Flyleaf
First Heard: All Around Me
Fell In Love With: Cassie
All Time Favorite: So I Thought
Current Favorite: treasured

8. Linkin Park
First Heard: Papercut
Fell In Love With: Breaking the Habit
All Time Favorite: Numb
Current Favorite: Blackout

9. Skillet
First Heard: Comatose
Fell In Love With: Falling Inside the Black
All Time Favorite: The Last Night
Current Favorite: Collide

10. Hilary Duff
First Heard: Come Clean
Fell In Love With: So Yesterday
All Time Favorite: Beat of My Heart
Current Favorite: N/A


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