My Favorite thing, how much luckier can I be!!


Nov 27 2009, 22h37

Living in Sunny San Diego, on a clear blue sky day,while parking my car at the local $.99 store I see my favorite flashing colors. After a thorough search of my personal life, really my favorite thing in life, and a good 15min wait, I get a ticket for:
*******"warn windshield wipers"*******.
The Officer reminded me that we are in a rainy season. Mind you, as usual I was obeying the law, I was in a parking lot, just found the perfect spot when red and blue startled me.
Rainy Season, uh...
"Yes Sir, I better put my convertible top up right away."
Thankfully he didn't add bald tires and dirty paint, not to forget my top was down!
No doubt, I will be happy everytime I get pulled over, I'll say "Oh Boy my favorite thing", again.I Fought the Law


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