The Goodies, The Baddies and The just plain Awful


Jan 28 2008, 12h25

Wed 23 Jan – Reuben, Revolt, Baddies

I arrived at this gig with a very open mind. I had seen Reuben many times before, and I knew what to expect. I was actually looking forward to hearing the support acts, Reuben always pick great support. In fact the only time i haven't heard a good band support Reuben was at the Scuzz gig. But they didn't even organise that.
Anyways, Baddies were on first, so I popped to the bar, grabbed a few bottles of water and shuffled my way to the front.
Baddies came on, and they were superb, their catchy riffs and effortless vocals were something I didn't expect from these guys. They were fantastic live and they had a great look about them that showed such "genuine-ness". If that can actually be regarded as a real word.
The second band, Revolt, were just as I thought they would be, amateur, pop-punk and show-offs.
It's like they knew they could play their instruments, and went out of their ways to show they could. Their poor stage presence, and blonde-haired twat of a guitarist, who actually was just up there all night to annoy me. The singer was some 14 year old girl that just dropped out of singing lessons, and as for their cover of "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley, it's like they tried too hard and failed miserably. I really was not impressed with this band, although their lead guitarist, the one who looked like he was in school uniform without the tie was actually quite impressive, and could shred like a bugger!
Reuben, of course, were absolutely amazing. It was the best time I’ve seen them; I was right at the front, right opposite Jim, just behind Jon’s girlfriend Abi. Was a great spot, and they played a great set, although the end of the set was a tad weak, I agree with what Jim said about playing ‘A Short History Of Nearly Everything’ at the end. Jim was as funny as ever, always making everyone laugh. He is such a charismatic singer and is very, very good at what he does best.
All in all, although the disappointment in the middle of the gig, it was a great night, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. My main mission now is to get my hands on some Baddies stuff. I keep listening to Battleship on their myspace, it’s a great song, check them out

Peace out, x



  • FeebleBobby

    left tickets too late, roll on ballroom for the second time

    Fev 23 2008, 23h59
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