• Normlaization... Evil... but perhaps required.

    Out 27 2009, 14h20

    Now as those of you may, or may not know, normalization is the process of making an audio file play to a set volume level, it's a nice idea but the processing normally involves transcoding, a process of re-encoding encoded data, in the case of audio stored in lossy formats (like the somewhat obsolete but rather well known mp3) this results in a considerable loss of audio quality, and this is, I suspect, why the client doesn't do it, which is also why it quite often makes me jump because track B happens to be 50% louder than track A before it.

    So what could be done ?

    Well, the effect of normalization could be achieved using dynamic volume control, whereby the client uses a pre-calculated metric that defines the volume of the track to adjust the volume of the actual output itself, say the baseline volume is 1.0 and a track has a metric of 1.2 (louder), the client could then adjust the volume to 0.8 to compensate, bringing all tracks into line with each other!
    Now this would be far from painless, for a start the entire audio database would need to be processed to generate this metric and some tracks would require tweaking but all in all it would be a nice touch to improve what is overall a rather fine idea.
  • Ostrich is the future!

    Mar 15 2008, 23h09

    So of late i've been hitting borough market on the friday, been trying to find new and interesting foods (being a fussy eater, this presents a challenge) but one thing has thus far stood out... Ostrich!

    When i go down there i nearly always have an ostrich burger for lunch, lovley stuff, meaty, low in everything bad for you and tasty to boot, just not i've had an ostrich suasge sarnie :D

    I urge everyone to get some ostrich in their diet, it's not the cheapest thing in the world, but it's well worth it!
  • Fucking Genius!

    Fev 14 2008, 12h02


    Fev 10 2008, 20h14

    3 days scrobbling lost because mpdscrible karked it and nuked it's own cache file, every time it tried to read it *BANG* core dump, had to delete the cache file :(
  • Ugently seeking randomness!

    Jan 10 2008, 23h41

    I've been devoid of a website for faaaar to long now, so i've designed one, all it needs now is content to complement the lovely dhtml-tastic works of my fine self! (yay for ego's!!!)

    And here's where im stuck... the "about me" section, I've a few random ramblings from various people as they've made attempts to define me (god knows I've not got a clue how to define me!) and...

    I want more :)

    So if all you lovely boys and gurls would be so kind as to attempt to sumarise me from what little you've seen I might put it on a website :P
  • Beowolf

    Nov 7 2007, 22h14

    ... is rather good, just got back from a screener at the imax and it's well worth seeing!

    Those imax screens don't half strain your eyes though!
  • clearly needs polls

    Nov 7 2007, 9h44

    As per the title, polls are needed.. with a poll i can ponder the question that lives in the back of my head.

    Ashes of the Wake or Sacrament ?

    I love them both to be fair but Ashes of the Wake is the one I keep comming back too.
  • The UK Passport service SUCK

    Mai 30 2007, 10h44

    Just got back from the UKPS offices and im frankly angry, the kind of angry where I have to stop myself from hitting random strangers I simply don't like the look of (though to be fair i'm irritable anyway), i've phoned up to arrange a fast track appointment so i can get my passport sorted for graspop, I was doing this purley because after filling in the online application well within the alloted time they failed to send me the forms :(.
    Anyway, I phone this hotline and after about 15 mins of the useless jabbering idiot on the end of the line i've booked my apointment and I ask him to clarify for me exactly what I need to bring to which he tells me I need only bring my birth certificate and another form of id, he says I don't need to bring a filled application because they have my information on record..

    Guess what I discovered today ?

    Yep, he was full of shit, and to make things worse after the 1st of june I can't do a fast track.

    So that's my trip to belgium fucked.
  • Paraside lost @ Koko 12th April 2007

    Abr 13 2007, 9h57

    Thu 12 Apr – Paradise Lost

    Last night I had the pleasure of going to see paradise lost at koko (formerly the camden palace), got there about 6:30 (doors at 7) expecting the usual queue aroun the block only to be proved wrong with a teeeeny little queue and quite a few cute girls to look at, roll on 7 the doors flew open and in everyone went.

    Then we waited.

    And waited.

    All this time there was of course the odd crazy guy yelling crap in the crowd and being a tit, this did prove amusing for a little while.

    This of course was not such a good start.

    Some time later (about 8pm) the support band Serpico came on, they where... well, they where "meh", by this time everyone just wanted to see pl (if the cries from the crowd where anything to go by), which I suspect didn't help Serpico too much (they tried, i'll give em that) but overall they lacked "OMPH", they brand themselves as a kind of punk metal but really they're more nu metal than anything else.

    And all "meh".

    Now, once the support band had been disposed of... they came back and threw cd's at the crowd... but after that.

    Paradise lost! woohoo!

    They came on, and bang, I was having a good time, the thing with small venues like koko is that some bands can be massivey over-amped in them but pl come across quite well.

    I still felt my trousers move with the bass mind you (along with several internal organs and my lunch) :D

    They played through the usual set of crowd pleasers along with a spangly new track (wasn't bad, not really "stand out" though), with the usual cries of "one second" untill they finaly let loose with it.

    Roll on 10:50 and they hit the second encore, by this time id started to leave so alas, I didn't catch that one (had to get home and all).

    Overall, a damned good time!
  • hairlines

    Mar 7 2007, 21h44

    Once again i've reached a stage where I keep looking in the mirror and thinking "that's heading south that is", or to be exact, thining out (i've even started growing my undercut out) which always leads me to the thought of giving it all the chop, my precious hair, while it still has some dignity :)

    I always wimp out mind you, but there are a few things I wouldn't mind trying before "hair care" starts to involve turtle wax, short and spikey would be nice, it'd fit in with the very "50's" thing i seem to be developing atm, it'd just be short, a strip down the middle also occoured to me (keeping the sideburns mind) but again, it's not my lovley hair :(