Music Survey - CD's, Genres and more.


Out 21 2008, 20h54

What was your first CD?
Some really crap poppy band like SClub 7 (Why did I like them??? =S )or some kiddy’s music CD.

What was your first CD bought?
1st CD I bought? Not sure… I think it was a now that’s what I call music CD from years ago.

What was the last CD you bought?
Ermm…Plain white T’s album. I normally download songs now.

Did you listen to cassettes?
Yeah I used to but don’t know where they all went. = [

Do you listen to country?
Not really...I don’t think I do.

Yups =]

If that’s like dance stuff yeahh sometimes.

Not really, no.

I guess.

Not particularly.

Some things I listen to some people might call emo…I on the other hand don’t.

A little. =]

Pop Punk?
Yup it’s awesome.

Heavy Metal?

What is your favorite band?
Don’t really have a favourite, I like too many. At the moment If I had to pick 1…Paramore.

Your favorite singer?
Hayley Williams – Paramore singer duhh.

Favorite Male Voice?
Andrew McMahon – Jack’s Mannequin or Something Corporate Singer for those unfortunate people who don’t know him.

Favorite Female Voice?
Hayley Williams, I said before.

Favorite song?
I really can’t choose just 1 song.

Your favorite concert?
I’ve only been to one concert (Really need to see another) and it was Mcfly. = D

Any concerts eager to go to?
Lots but they are never near to where I live. =/ It sucks.

Any CDs coming out soon that you want to get?
Probably lots…Snow Patrol, The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs and maybe more.

What will be the next CD you will buy?
I don’t have a clue.

Do you and your friends like the same music?
Yup some have the same music tastes as me, others are like “what the hell are you listening to?”. XD

You and your parents?
Some stuff like Snow Patrol, The killers and the Kaiser Chiefs which is odd as they all have new albums coming out too. XP

Any autographs from bands?
Unfortunately no. = [

Do you sing in the shower?
Only when I’m having a hyper day XD

Do you have a band?
No…I wish I could sing or play an instrument but unfortunately I can’t. =-[

Do you have any Idol's?
Not suree. Saying that probably not.

Have you ever met anyone in a band?
Yeahh some kids at my school have bands sooo.

Did you like Hanson?
I like Mmmbop XD

Who was your favorite?
I don’t know their names. =S

Did you like Back Street Boys?

Favourite member?
None I don’t know their names either.

Did (or still do) like N'Sync?
Not really.

Favorite member?
Only one I know, Justin Timberlake. =]

Favorite rapper?
Ermm…Kanye West.

Favorite country singer?
Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and Rascal Flatts are the only country (-ish) stuff I listen to.

Favorite bassist?

Favorite guitarist?
Pete Wentz =P

Favorite DJ?

Are you bored yet?
Kindaa…Is this nearly finished?

Favorite rap song?
Don’t have a clue.

Favorite Rock song?
Too many.

Favorite emo song?
Emo is a stupid label and these days everything is emo so …=/

Favorite country song?
Not sure.

Do you like any bands that are like underground?
What’s underground? =S

Do you like any bands that aren't signed yet?
Yups Indie awesomeness to the people =P

If you could meet one band who would that be?
Erm…Paramore…or any I listen too really, I wouldn’t mind much I love them all. =]

Was this fun?
Yeah It was the best!*

*(Note the Sarcasm)

Are you listening to music right now?
Yes I am =]

Suicide Blonde – Jack’s Mannequin.

What was the last song you listened to?
Song before that? Snowflakes - White Apple Tree (You can thank Gossip Girl for that XD)

Do you listen to the radio?
Yeahh Sometimes.

What station?
Kerrang, The Hits, Smash Hits, BBC or any other random crap.

I'm done. Are you glad?
Thank youu buh byee.


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