Nov 15 2006, 21h24

Had all but forgot them...
To bad as they rock!
Best "nintendo-pop" (c64 old school synth) band there is :)

First heard (or saw) Thermostatic on Tinitus Festival last(?) year and just fell in love with the singer/band/music/* (which was visible if nothing else by me filling my memory card with pictures/movies from the gig :).

I just love the extremely happy pop:ish tracks like As Stars We Belong and such, but most songs from Joy-Toy are pretty good...

And now it seems they have released a whole bunch of new singles (with mainly remixes and old unreleased songs) as well as cover of Paninaro.
Unfortunately in Paninaro they choose to have a "male" singer with a (if you ask me) horrible voice so that is nothing I can recommend.

But still: go out and buy Joy-Toy it rocks! :)

// MickeM


  • petermarchione

    Hi there - just a bit curious what version of Paninaro you are refering to. There are no male vocals in the Thermostatic cover of the song. Just the usual female one and the vocoder.Thermostatic

    Jul 17 2007, 2h12
  • kireal

    The post is rather old, but i discovered Thermostatic only now ^^ Tbh the first track i listened, been shared by a friend of mine, was "So Close So Near" and i have to addmit that its the best of them, didnt listen to all yet though... Gonna add you to friends i guess, cause i like electronic and rock/metal stuff, like you do, may be we will find smth new from eachother ^^

    Ago 26 2008, 16h58
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