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  • Pheebs-

    Aw thank you Melonee, you're so precious! ♥I also love vintage styled clothing, it looks so gorgeous and unique ♥ My hobbies are going to gym, and I also collect Buddha-statues haha. I have like 10 of them here, I can't fit anymore xD Now it's holidays, yayy ♥♥

    Ontem 23:09 Responder
  • Nyappybunny

    Yay you will finally relax ♥ im going to search for a job after the new years day :) Hope i can find something ! how are u lately? ♥

    19 Dez 22h21 Responder
  • kkochsongi

    Thank you! I will do :) and yeah definitely! Some of their songs have been amazing. With AOA you should listen to Confused as well, really nice slightly downbeat song. I love JJ Lin! He has some of the nicest ballads I have heard in my life and his voice is just ♥♥♥ there are a few others I have listened to in my time that I have liked, Rainie Yang's ballads are quite nice too! I like Jolin Tsai as much as the next Cpop fan but her ballads are incredibly boring which is a shame because she has quite a lot :( There have only been one or two of hers I liked.

    19 Dez 1h46 Responder
  • world_war_ema

    XIII or XIII-2? go for it Melonie! And keep me informed about your progress ♡♡♡ im replaying watch dogs now! I love it!! And i got the story dlc for the game.. fantastic

    17 Dez 20h41 Responder
  • unsaidethings

    Glad to know you are fine too baby. I'm not a big fan of christmas. ;_; I used to love it when I was a kid, but right now is just.... Meh. XD I just like the food. :3

    17 Dez 19h23 Responder
  • unsaidethings

    I'm fine and you? <3 Own thanks baby. :3

    17 Dez 16h16 Responder
  • snowfairys-

    enjoy your break and oh my keep up with ff xiii!! :D :D speaking of final fantasy my best friend's brother ordered a collectors edition of final fantasy type 0 hd and i am so excited to get it at march!! *o* when it comes to music, well.. they aren't any new interesting releases T_T and you?

    17 Dez 12h24 Responder
  • Nyappybunny

    Its ok hun take you time ♥ I hope you do well in ur exams ♥ Im doing fine just moved in my new apartment in england and a new chapter life is starting for me which im so excited about :) How are you?do u have holidays now??♥

    17 Dez 12h18 Responder
  • Yunraii

    Take your time.I hope you did well on your exams.It's going well, but I barely studied any programming lately. I think I will "retry" the studying after the holidays. Right now I feel like lazying around. Things are going well, looking forward for xmas, I already decorating the tree this weekend :D and tomorrow I will got and watch the last movie of The Hobbit, yey. How are you?

    17 Dez 11h15 Responder
  • world_war_ema

    I loooooooove how you call me Emz *-* it makes me sooo happy! well yes i played a fen new games like AC rogue (good game but that's it), Far Cry 4 (really funny game), the new Game of Thrones (so sad lol u_u) and South Park:the stick of truth (best RPG eveeeeeer! you need to play this game ASAP Meloniiie) and now im replaying watch dogs ^_^ And what about you my luv?♡♡

    17 Dez 9h10 Responder
  • kkochsongi

    Yeah I can't wait for it to be like that! We are due more snow this week so I hope that is the outcome of it! Definitely! I think Bravesound can be a hit or a miss but usually whent hey follow a set pattern for their songs you will find if you like one you'll like another (provided you at least like the singers too!) Miniskirt is a really great song! I really like Short Hair and one of the B-sides on that single! Their Band unit stuff was great too. And yeah! Ballads are my ultimate thing, I enjoy a mix of things but I'm big on my ballad, some people say it shows my age and my maturity or something...hahaha

    17 Dez 2h24 Responder
  • unsaidethings

    Melon Melon ♡

    16 Dez 20h24 Responder
  • snowfairys-

    oh hey ♥ well i am okay, life is being a bitch right now but oh well. how about you? <3

    16 Dez 20h12 Responder
  • Pheebs-

    Aw Meloneeeee ~ ♥ Yes I finish this Friday, only three days to go ♥ The gym is going well, it gives so much more energy and I can release my anger towards schoolwork in there xD Do you have any hobbies btw? ♥

    16 Dez 19h54 Responder
  • world_war_ema

    nice nicee!!! ^_^ Ill enjoy Melonie until january yay ♡♡ i was thinking about boring stuff mostly so dont worry about it =)

    16 Dez 18h09 Responder
  • world_war_ema

    And im good, thanks for asking! too much thinking lately but ill be fine ^^ so are you free now? hehe.. cant wait to have a looong chat with my beloved Melonie *kiss kiss*

    16 Dez 14h35 Responder
  • world_war_ema

    I know you been a busy bee ^_^ You dont need to apologize hun hun ♡ how's christmas even where you're living Melonie? :) i hope its snowing there hehe

    16 Dez 14h33 Responder
  • kkochsongi

    Haha thank you for understanding! And yeah I hope it does, I love the snow when it's lying on the ground and hasn't been walked on! That sounds pretty good to me :) I'm staying with my family for christmas this year, won't be doing anything spectacular but hoping next year myself and the Idk how you feel about Bravesound, but they generally bring the jams so if you like them you'll like it! I've liked a few other releases but it's mostly little one track singles by ballad singers!

    16 Dez 6h17 Responder
  • kkochsongi

    I seriously get the award for latest replies ever! ahah but me too! I love the snow, we've had a little but it's not lying because the ground is so damp! Looking forward to being able to feed my face at christmas with loads of food! Are you and your family doing anything special this year? And new releases wise I've been enjoying AOA's Like a Cat a lot and a few others! How about you, managed to get the time now to listen to new stuff?

    16 Dez 0h34 Responder
  • Pheebs-

    I am so happy to hear you did well! I bet you aced them, if you feel like it ; it must be true! ♥ Your holidays started this week? My holidays start at Friday, only a couple days to go~ But this last week will be pretty chill so I am relieved. I have been doing very well, I have been active at the gym again, and other than that I have been doing some schoolwork. Yes it's been ages, I really missed your company ♥ *hugs*

    15 Dez 20h28 Responder
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