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  • abstractLEGEND

    finally getting around to listening to that new blu album! what did you think about it?

    3 Set 22h12 Responder
  • LuxDel

    the cliche shit is the best. and idk. if i ever get married it would be extremely low key because this shit looks terrifying to me lmao. no rush doe. babies would be good 2, but no rush on that either. rather just stay in the freaky sex phase forever lol, whatever happens it happens right?

    30 Ago 3h44 Responder
  • LuxDel

    lmao yap :3 only weed tho, im not interested in the other stuff. mm im so delighted for u, sounds like you took a risk n its paying off, smooth sailing over here too, was bumpy for a lil but we've settled down into da bliss. so used to conflict i tried to bring it into what we have but i got pulled up for it n all is G. for now..

    27 Ago 8h50 Responder
  • abstractLEGEND

    also check out the paperkites - woodlands ep. I don't know if it's your style, but it's Super chill relaxing music, let me know if you like it. Featherstone is my fav song from them.

    26 Ago 22h52 Responder
  • abstractLEGEND

    flume, alice russell, the procussions, tycho,, amerigo gazaway, the black keys. all their newest albums are really good and have been on repeat for me

    25 Ago 16h48 Responder
  • LuxDel

    hey hun. you're welcome to winter, sick of the rain messing with my hair. hoodies forever doe. im good, embracing this weed life lmao. hows you..and yours lol :3 ??

    23 Ago 3h18 Responder
  • LuxDel

    sounds hot, work together play together :3 yes for FUN, i need some FUN too. im getting kinda 'bored' ;) lmao im certainly sure you get wat i mean

    5 Ago 11h38 Responder
  • LuxDel

    that mid year slump, im halfway to holidays but it feels so fkn far away. i feel your pains. plus my boss is just so mad lately lol, i dont know why, everything i do is either wrong or simply adequate -_- gunna start buying lottery tix :3

    1 Ago 20h16 Responder
  • LuxDel

    yay some estrogen lol <3 wat u up2?

    27 Jul 7h11 Responder
  • abstractLEGEND

    haha oh i'm sure he prob got nothing out of it SMH

    11 Jul 4h19 Responder
  • abstractLEGEND

    haha cause whte had a schoolgirl crush on Isabella, then she decided to invite all her Metal head rippers to the forum.

    9 Jul 20h09 Responder
  • abstractLEGEND

    Haha I don't care about their opinions either, I'm just saying we suggest something, they argue about it for a couple days, then nothing happens and the suggestions dies. So it's just not really worth it, is all i'm sayin.

    9 Jul 16h27 Responder
  • abstractLEGEND

    I would totally be down with that if I had the money to throw away for it.

    8 Jul 21h59 Responder
  • HighSkyRider

    Don't fuck with tha bunny ears

    8 Jul 20h29 Responder
  • abstractLEGEND

    Have you found any other good sites?

    8 Jul 19h00 Responder
  • abstractLEGEND

    WHTE is single handedly driving that place into the ground, and Frich is def not helping lol. I don't even talk on there anymore just grab downloads and bounce out. As for the suggestion that's a smart idea, but i'm not going to be the one who pitches it. I'm sure if i Do it will start a war and people will start complaining. You and I both know it's not worth pitching an idea over there.

    8 Jul 18h14 Responder
  • abstractLEGEND

    I noticed you went black name on D-A, finally given up huh? I don't blame you, I'm pretty close to doing the same.

    8 Jul 17h03 Responder
  • HighSkyRider

    Bobs Burgers hell ya

    6 Jul 15h26 Responder
  • eONz559

    haven't been on lastfm for a good minute. Just wanted to say you have really great taste in music :)

    3 Jul 21h43 Responder
  • abstractLEGEND

    Yeah I did a quick listen through it. Sounds good from what I heard, but i def need to go back a re-listen to it. You can't go wrong with Ab tho, dudes always making good music.

    30 Jun 19h37 Responder
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