Mai 24 2012, 12h51

愛のように隠微な 傷をつけてくれ
嵐のように容赦ない おぉ狂おしい
花のように甘美な 蜜で誘ってよ
悪魔のように溺れたい あぁ愛おしい

Too many interesting releases lately, so, I just have no time to listen all CDs in a day of release and, of course, write about them in my journal here. But here's the two most interesting releases:

エリーゼのために by BUCK-TICK.

Well, what do you think, new single is absolutely fantastic. BUCK-TICK is one of that untouchable godlike bands that just can't do something wrong («one of» is actually incorrect, since they're unique and there's none like them, but you got the idea), because of their incredible talent, but new single is a blast even by their standards. Even though my favorite period was 十三階は月光 (I'm in love with that especially dark sound), エリーゼのために was like a shock for me. It have a power, it have a style and it have it's own soul. Can't wait for MISS TAKE 〜僕はミス・テイク〜 *_*

P.S. takai-kun, hi! ^_^

Army of Mushrooms by Infected Mushroom.

This guys is awesome. I mean it, unlike the others, they just getting better and better from album to album. It's hard to find a good psytrance nowadays, so, Army of Mushrooms is like a light in a darkness for me. Album have a nice classical sound with many twists (The Rat, Serve My Thirst,..), but Infected Mushroom also continued to add vocal. Send Me An Angel is an absolutely awesome track and it's sounds even better because of Hebrew language. So, if you like a good psytrance and didn't expect something good nowadays, do yourself a favor and buy Army of Mushrooms. It's probably the best thing since Juno Reactor's Labyrinth.

My favorite tracks for the moment is: The Messanger (instrumental part is unbelievably awesome), Send Me An Angel, The Rat, Nation of Wusses, Wanted to, Serve My Thirst, etc. «Et cetera» means that I actually like the whole thing ^^;;

Also, there's a pretty interesting cover of Foo Fighters' The Pretender which is sounds pretty interesting.


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