Abr 14 2012, 10h31

I guess there is no one to blame.
We're leaving ground.
Will things ever be the same again?
It's the final countdown...

Just played a little in various Rock Band games (still can’t get enough of them) and now I want to write a little about the songs that was completely ruined by popularity. How is it possible? Well, when you hear the song at the first time it’s like «Whoa, awesome!», but when you hear it everywhere, in each and every commercial, in each and every movie, in each and every videogame, etc, it’s more like «Not this song again!». Sounds familiar? I think so. Well, here’s some songs from my list that I think is really awesome, but can’t stand anymore, since they’re everywhere. Like zombies in Raccoon City.

Song 2 by Blur.

This one is like a little nightmare for me. When it was released at the first time it was like a revolution, since it was simple, but absolutely brilliant. But right after that it was in all commercials possible, in many various sport simulators and even today it’s included in various rhythm (Guitar Hero 5, LEGO Rock band, Rocksmith, etc) and sports (Madden 11) video games. So, today it’s more like parasite song from hell that you can hear on each and every corner even though you’ve got enough of it and can’t enjoy it anymore. Each and every time I hear it, I want to throw something in my TV and scream «Not again!!!». And that’s why you shouldn’t use the same song again and again fifteen years at row.

The Final Countdown by Europe.

I remember the times when it was awesome to have this song on the LP, or Compact Cassette. Everyone wanted to have a copy of this one from you. The hell started when the first cell phones arrived. Every second person I knew used it as a ringtone, so, I quickly found myself wanting to throw all that phones into the nearby river. Didn’t listen the song since that time period, but it become even worse with time. Now this song is like a generic song for commercials. Even the cheapest stuff using it in the commercials. And now look at LEGO Rock Band. It was awesome episode (I’m always knew that Freddie Mercury isn’t dead, but stolen by aliens) of the game, but… You know how it is, the only thought I have during while playing is «Why-y-y me-e-e?!!» (sometimes I feel like Fluffy Fluffy Bun Bun from ToonStruck game, yes).

hotel california by Eagles.

An awesome song with pretty interesting structure and… too many airtime on radio and TV. This one wasn’t included in so many various media, but still, it’s like a virus. You waking up – it’s on a radio, you going to a supermarket – it’s playing there, you trying to find yourself a safe place in a music store – it’s there already. Even in the taxi on your way home there’s still hotel california. Sometimes it looks like a conspiracy.

Of course, there’s much more songs like this. But this three for me is like a red cloth for a bull. I can’t freakin’ stand ‘em anymore! It’s like using the gorgeous clothing everyday for some years – time passed and now you looks like a scarecrow. So, if you’re listening this songs right now too loud, you must know that I’m on my way to you with my Master Sword, since evil must be punished! ^_^


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