DOWNLOAD: Crushing On To Tapes: A John Dwyer Primer - NFR Mix 3


Mai 24 2010, 10h47

I have posted the third mix in my Not For Resale blog's continuing series of 'em, and it's a pretty special one; especially if you're into Garage Rock and more specifically, John Dwyer. It has taken me ages to track down something recorded from all his bands. It's been a real labour of love this one.

Here's the url for more info and dnld link:

This mix coincides with the release of John Dwyer’s Nth record release as Thee Oh Sees, but that’s just coincidence. I started this almost a year ago, got sidetracked, and now I've managed to come back and finish it - Just in time for Warm Slime. Still, I make it sound easier than it was to track all this stuff down. The internet offers gratuitous providence at the best of times, but even so, tracking down some kind of recorded output from each of the bands within the man’s hyper-prolific trajectory has been pretty difficult – I even turned up the listing ‘Owes Rick Money (Thief)’ which I’m pretty sure isn’t a band and some kind of in-joke I’m not privvy to. There’s also something called Darkthrone that I could never find, but as far as I’m concerned that’s just Fenriz and Nocturno Culto and I’m happy to leave it at that; though if Dwyer was to pop up on their next album playing flute I wouldn’t be surprised. Only Superpit truly eludes me. From all I can find they might have been his high school band with only a couple of practices to their name let alone any recorded output.

So what this compilation features is 19 tracks from 16 bands including a couple of alternate monikers for the same group, plus a couple of live duets and a load of interview samples that hopefully colour in the character of the man a little further outside the boundaries of the music. Buckle up.

To expound on each group with dates, members and discographies would be gratuitous and detract from the kinds of spontaneity, creativity and chaotic artistry that a career spanning Doom through Garage Rock to Teutonic Electro alludes to.

So here’s to him – Keep on crushin’ Dwyer!

Thanks for downloading. Enjoy!


Yikes - Carol Ann (Whoa Comas - Blood Bomb, Kill Shaman)
Pink & Brown - Messy Bessy, Get Undressy (Shame Fantasy II, ToYo/Load)
Landed – ‘Untitled 5’ (Everything's Happening, Vermiform Records)
The Drums - Big Paper (Demo)
The OhSees - It Killed Mom (Sucks Blood, Castle Face)
Sword & Sandals - Live @ The Stork Club, NYC 2006
OCS - Devil's Last Breath (4, Narnack)
Dig That Body Up, It's Alive - Exploding Globes (A Corpse Is Forever, Castle Face/Rock Is Hell)
Netmen - Itsu-Bou (You're Soaking In It - The Sounds and Smells of Load Records, Load)
Coachwhips - You Gonna Get It (Bangers Vs. Fuckers, Narnack)
The Trawgs - I Can't Control Myself (Teenage Meadows Of Infinity, Galactic Zoo Dossier)
Zeigenbock Kopf - Blinded By Lust (Nocturnal Submissions, Tigerbeat6)
Thee Oh Sees - Meat Step Lively (Help, In The Red)
Burmese - Twenty Missiles Later (Monkeys Tear Man To Shreds, Man Never Forgives Ape, Man Destroys Environment, tUMULt/ToYo)
Revenge SF - Bird On A Wire (Welcome To The Party, Narnack)
The Hospitals - Rock And Roll Is Killing My Life (The Hospitals, In The Red)
John Dwyer & Sam Hillmer – Live @ Death by Audio, NYC 2009
Krang – ‘Untitled 5’ (Krang, Self-Released)
The OhSees - Drone #4 (Grave Blockers, Castle Face)



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