Try this at home!


Jul 31 2006, 14h28

How to get from really smooth to completely outside?

Start with the album "Jazz Samba" by Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd. The light tone from the tenor of Stan Getz and the bossa tunes composed by Jobim will work relaxing. After that you might play "Bossa Nova Bacchanal". An album from the lesser known Charlie Rouse.
Still bossa, but played less smooth and in a more boppish manner. Than we get in a higher gear. "Fenix" by Gato Barbieri. A combination of world music rhythms and instruments and free jazz. Barbieri has a huge tone and knows how to scream and squeek. Something
Pharoah Sanders is capable of as well. His album "Karma" goes even further then "Fenix". The first song (of two) 'The Creator Has a Master Plan' is more then thirty minutes long, and takes you through different kinds of moods.
Similar is "East Broadway Run Down" . Recorded by Sonny Rollins in 1966. (The only example I know of Rollins playing more free stuff)
At this point it is time for some outside stuff. So we might play some music John Coltrane recorded for Impulse. "A Love Supreme" comes to mind or even more abstract: "Ascension". And at last the Albert Ayler album "Spiritual Unity" will show that music can be about sounds and doesn't have to be about notes at all.

But when this musical journey has ended the problem is: How do we get back? ;)


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