• Review of TCT- Stereophonics Concert

    Mar 27 2009, 12h40

    Thu 26 Mar – Teenage Cancer Trust: Stereophonics

    Dear all,

    I went there by myself around 7:00 and I managed to made it in time. Then I went to meet up with my group mates and we went in and the first moment we went inside the hall it's not really full yet. However there is singer named Karima Francis were singing and I thought the singer's voice was great. The music she was singing was very nice music too. My first impression of the singer was a man due to the body size, clothes and hairstyle. But when I read a little leaflet describing the singer it turns out to be a ''she'' :O I was suprised of course as many people does. She went on to sing some great tunes and left the stage around 8:15.

    Then another band called The Noisettes came on the show sung and everyone was buzzing ! I love the song called Don't Upset The Rhythm and it was banging ! Everyone was cheering, whistling and clapping and the atmostphere was excellent ! Then the we had some breaks but I didn't go for a Drink so I just sat and waited.

    Then the mc said next is Stereophonics and everyone went so crazy ! Then the Stereophonics came on and the atmosphere was like unbeliveably crazy aswell. The Stereophonics played alot of songs but I don't know much about the it as I just arrived to the UK since 2 years ago but I know many songs now. My favourite song from The Stereophonics called Dakota :) Durning the show I was anxiously waiting for the song but it didn't came untill the last song of the evening. I was so happy and I jumped up and down and sing along the song too.

    Everyone was buzzing and crazy ! for the last song. Then it was finished sadly but I hope to see them again and I hope everyone who was in the concert wishes to see them play again ! :)

    Wrote by Matthew Wong (( Maxridex ))

    Teenage Cancer Trust ( Please kindly go to this website and donate :

    Royal Albert Hall
    Karima Francias
    The Noisettes
    Lucy Rich
    Another guy (( Can't remember :( ))
    Evalina Pride Group

    P.s My english might not be very good and this is my first time writing the review. Please enjoy :) and comments are very welcome too.Karima FranciasThe NoisettesStereophonics