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Fri 20 Apr – Dig It Up! The Hoodoo Gurus Invitational

Incongruously, Brisbane only gets three bands from Dig It Up – a sprawling live retrospective curated by a certain Sydney band – however The Tivoli is packed to the rafters with ex-‘80s youngsters.

Japan’s The’s haven’t changed much since their Kill Bill cameo. Appearing content with their novelty-act status (despite having formed in 1986), the three rockin’ ladies keep rehashing the same three-chord number over and over again, with very little in the way of stylistic diversity. When they drop Woo Hoo – to the delight of punters keen to relive the 2003 party – one can’t shake off the one-trick pony feeling.

Next, ‘60s garage-rock legends The Sonics – long overdue in Australia – sound more like a tribute band, the ‘proper’ mix and Larry Parypa’s juicily-distorted guitar detracting from the rough-spun original essence. The Tacoma, WA five-piece are all pushing 70 these days, yet ably churn out staples they used to cut their teeth on: Money, The Black Keys-checked Have Love Will Travel, Lucille and the immortal Louie Louie. Vocalist/organist Gerry Roslie may no longer possess that hoary scream, yet bassist Freddie Dennis is eager to compensate (giving Barnesy a run for his money with his screeches), while Rob Lind still blows a raunchy sax. Sadly, stone-cold genre classic Strychnine suffers from the chunky treatment and seminal single The Witch comes across as a Motörhead composition.

The sold-out crowd roars their admiration as Hoodoo Gurus casually walk onstage, the pot fug hitting the air with the opening chord. As ever pin-sharp, the Aussie rock veterans recite the iconic debut LP Stoneage Romeos in full, making the faithful yell along to Leilani, I Want You Back, My Girl and Tojo. The sprightly Dave Faulkner dons another splendid paisley shirt from his collection and attacks a ‘TV yellow’ Les Paul Junior as Brad Shepherd emits golden tones from a vintage Gretsch. This being a HG gig, we get a generous encore including Bittersweet, What’s My Scene? and Like Wow – Wipeout. Hoodoo you love the most?

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