Mai 1 2006, 13h37


Just been listening to a few B-sides from Pixies and Nirvana (and Smashing Pumpkins).

Here's a good list - and these kind of tracks never get mentioned!


Make Believe
Velvety Instrumental Version - annoying yet addictive
Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)
River Euphrates - the B-side version has that extra kick
I've Been Waiting for You (neat Neil Young cover - great intro riff)


These tracks are pretty underrated:

Oh The Guilt
Even In His Youth - the bridge is the coolest part ("He was born for your crew...")

That's enough for one day I reckon. Shame most bands don't do B-sides anymore :/



  • zephyrmop

    Oh yea, Marigold is a very cool song.

    Mai 1 2006, 14h39
  • Crossdale

    Never been a huge fan of the UK Surf vsn of Wave of Mutilation - I like the others though :)

    Mai 1 2006, 21h30
  • -Zephyr-

    yeh the river euphrates B-side is better than the original album version... the cymbals just sound better

    Jul 14 2006, 23h58
  • Last_On_Bleach

    Oh The Guilt is my favorite nirvana song, let alone b side

    Jul 24 2006, 6h05
  • Gordon_Freeman

    Marigold just rulez :) But live version - is better for me ;) PS. Sorry for my englisch, just learning :)

    Ago 21 2006, 21h58
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