Pandora - Head Up High (New 2011 Album)


Abr 23 2011, 16h51

Swedish artist Pandora just recorded a new brand album titled "Head Up High".
At the moment, the album was released in Finland only.

From Pandora's official site: "Enjoy a brand new dance album full of modern beats and sounds. Collaborations with JS16, A. Nyman from Guru Josh Project, Matt Hewie, and Bloom 06 among others. Enjoy the Russian duet with Pandora and Lathvian Stacy. To be released outside Finland soon!"

1. You Woke My Heart (Pandora ft. JS16) (JS16 Radio Edit)
2. Ice Cream
3. Head Up High
4. You Believed (Pandora ft. Matt Hewie)
5. Kitchy Kitchy (Pandora ft. Bloom 06)
6. Hope
7. Why Pandora
8. Until The Hurt Is Gone
9. I Found Love
10. Wild Boys
11. Off The Hook
12. Turn It Over
13. Call Me (V & M Club Edit)
14. You Believed (Slow Piano String Version)
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