Breathtakin night that'll stay with me always :O)))


Nov 9 2010, 11h24

Mon 8 Nov – 02 Your Country Live Ft. Tarrus Riley & David Rodigan I'm not sure there's enough words that could ever describe the happiness n emotions i have, oh gosh i'm kinda speechless :O)))
The night started with the whole of the venue literally explode at David Rodigans entrance to Junior Reids incredible One Blood, Rodigans enthusiasm n passion are so infectious, inbetween tracks he'd give us all some fascinatin history from back in the day bout Studio One, u cant ever doubt his knowledge or deny his burnin passion, when he speaks u know its deep from within his heart,u see pure joy in his smile, his face lightens up the room, Rodigans an incredible artist who's quite clearly a crowd pleaser too n he had me smilin constantly, i think inbetween takin a soulful trip of beautiful tracks from my childhood which evoked so many special memories i spent a lot of the time sayin "awwww bless, aint he sweet" hehehe.

My smile never left my face all night, Tarrus Riley n The Blak Soil Band were BREATHTAKINGLY AMAZING, not only is Tarrus an incredible artist but his generous heart also allowed his band n backin singers time to showcase themselves seperately n let us taste their own pure talent, i caught myself just starin up at Tarrus many times mesmerised by his beauty n sheer brilliance, if i thought i loved him b4 then seein him live has heightened my feelings n deepened my respect, he's truly an incredibly beautiful, talented man with a voice of an angel, a heart as big as a thousand worlds n a soul as deep as a million oceans, the night continually took my breath away n i can still feel the bass boomin thru my heart, how blessed were we all to share such an experience, i'm truly thankful for the pure generosity of the artists n 02 for lettin me be part of such a special night :O)
Thank u so much to o2, David Rodigan n the gorgeous Tarrus Riley n The Blak Soil Band for the most amazin night i'll never 4get, Tarrus Riley is Contagious without a doubt xx stay blessed always xxlove n hugsxx


  • angelofJah15

    Its always a blessings to feel the energy of such a gig, David Rodigan is a genius and must be respected for his knopwledge. i remember back in the day when he played a club in the west end, to the lifge of me i cannot remember the name, its not important just the memories, i love memories. life is so beautiful when you have them. i have seen many artists in my time some well known and some not so, the industry is hard, but its amazing the consiousness that is in the music, giving thanks and praises to all the hard working artisits out there, keeping the faith and sprreading the works of His Majesty, Selassie 1, ever loving ever faithful ever sure. JAH. RAS TA FARI

    Nov 23 2010, 10h13
  • Marleyess

    Bless u sweet lady for ur response,its so nice to share memories,to go back n remember a time that makes ur eyes shine bright n our heart beat strong, life is a glorious gift n we have a rich palette surroundin us to cre8 even more special memorys,we're truly blessed x I agree with you, David Rodigan is a true genius,his knowledge is outstandin n it was an honour to be in the same room as he n of course Tarrus xx I give thanks for your friendship n wisdom,i am truly blessed knowing you xx :O)) xx

    Nov 24 2010, 16h24
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